I drew this recently. I had been meditating on the heart of the universe, our home, where we come from and are going, paradise…us, God ❤ I drew the heart in the middle as it is all of us in one in the heart of God, radiating outwards to create multiple facets of life and expression, beauty upon rays of light. Different myriads of colours to signify different wavelengths and sounds. A rainbow and more. They spiral around together like a vortex, or a whirlpool, or a doorway; the nature of the universe, made up of gateways. The spiral is an image of stories like Jacob’s ladder, or the form of our DNA which is a helix, the pattern of seeds on a sunflower, the curve of a washed up shell on the beach. The innate code behind mother nature. Also known as the Fibonacci. What’s the name of the toy I used to have as a little girl, like a pipe which you look through, twist, and the colours all merge and blend like spirals at the other end? As you continue to twist new patterns are made, new connections of colours, and it is forever and ever. Similarly it feels like this to be alive, continuously changing. As we move forwards we go up into the spiral doorway and change forever, from 90 degrees to another to another, until we never are the same again. And yet we come right back to where we were, only to go ever deeper and further. The maze of adventure. Who will we meet, where will we go, who are we really?!

The colours came out quite pastel-y and light. I had thought it might be bolder. It has grown on me. I like the watery effect. It reminds of the ocean, or the calm waves and the fluidity of flowing life. In the deep are the hidden secrets. I love the water, the connections to dolphins, whales, islands. I think they have a message of joy and peace to bring to us. So playful and sweet are dolphins!

May you be blessed ❤