I am here on this blog to write and share my musings, discoveries and creations. It is really great to express myself through blogging, as I feel I have so much to write and form.  As you can probably tell from my writing I love to do this in a harmonious, poetic way.

About me…I am a super optimistic, expressive and artful human being. I have a few projects I am playing with in the background at the moment, and looking forward to seeing how these bloom. My heartbeat is to tend to my paradise of love from within myself and out. In my expression I am drawing on my life journey of a deep devotional union with the Divine. This passion within me has led me to experience a mystical Christianity, interweaving through my life with the divine feminine principle of our sacred Mother Earth. I am a star gazer, a nature wanderer, and believer of the ultimate highest good for all human-kind, with excitement for unity between ourselves, and with our heavenly family and friends.

I love to write about spirit/body/soul wellness, spirituality, nutrition, sacred union, general life, communion with nature, cosmic space…and our emerging beauty! I am excited and privileged that you have visited!