Yoga, Astrology & Chocolate: Empowered Bliss Update

The following is from an email update from me, you’re welcome to subscribe here

Hello everyone,
It’s great to be able to email you this first email update from me! I am feeling committed and inspired in the blossoming of what I love to give and create.  

Empowered Bliss
…Is where everything is stored, and also many ‘bits’ on my Blog (this blog I started 6 years ago, it has quite a journey documented on there…)  

Yoga with Emeline’
…As I call it (what else?!) is an online session for Friday evenings, sometimes weekly or at least a few times monthly.
A couple of weeks ago I dipped my toe in the water again to practice sharing Yoga. I dipped in and out a few times in the last year: I’m finding the beauty of sharing, and developing awareness in my personal practice, opens me to long to create space to invite others.  
To find out about this follow@empoweredblissyoga on Facebook, or @iamempoweredbliss on Insta. Alternatively, let me know your interest and I’ll create a separate email list for this. 

I created a video from my last one, click here if you’d like to watch it
Yoga & Astrology: Eclipse Season, Emotional Strength & The Inner World

The video has a spiel about this Eclipse season between Gemini & Sagittarius we are in, a grand time for letting go of established systems of thought, uncovering hidden delusions & finding, I feel, the primal, wild & adventurous self who will spiral us into greater authenticity amidst chaos & confusion. We gotta go right into the chaos in my opinion! Embrace this within ourselves, and move with our inner voice as guide. I think this is the journey of a lifetime, this is how the stars and planets work, I discover: by highlighting pockets of awareness for a short time (such as 2 years for this axis of polarity between Gemini & Sagittarius), and then moving on through the next wave, as we continue (in this life & beyond) to ever-spiral through and across our infinite multi-verse. We are travelling, right now.

Chocolate Bliss

…is always a privilege to create. I’ve recently been receiving more orders, and would love to offer:

Christmas Orders! Click here for ordering

You can read more about my passion & inspiration for these juicy & nutritious delights!

Lastly, a new Recipe ‘Inanna’s Cake’ within the scrolls of my blog~ inspired by the story of Inanna’s descent, and our de-layering of our psyche, outer world, ego… down to the nit & grit of who we are deep within, in all the shadows and pain. Here is a super yummy cake creation to support this mighty journey. I’d really love to hear if you make and enjoy this.

This older post is helpful for learning about soaking & activating nuts or needs:

It is a blessing to share with you, thank you so much for partaking in this moment and delving in. I wish you deep, empowering bliss,  

Love, Emeline  

Please let me know if you’d like to be included in my occasional email updates 🙂

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