Solid Feet, Happy Heart, Breezy Mind: Home in the UK

In the light of sharing with so many about our move to Southern France, I thought it appropriate to share how we are staying in the UK. In the midst of this are the echoes of sobriety, level-headed judgement and long lasting commitment.

It would be incorrect to say that we are mature in these matters, for I feel at the very beginning of this long winding road of maturity in many solid and earthy areas of life. The jump over the channel to the warm and spicy breeze of the more wild landscape and, for me, toward ancestral ties close to mid-Europe, was like a salvation of sorts. The miraculous ease of being in a homely B&B, learning to run it, and walking in the footsteps of local artists in the shadows of gorgeous mountains, solved so many of our questions regarding where to base ourselves, how to deal with conflicted relationships, rising house prices, some challenging circumstances, and a paranoid society amidst pandemic.

We were thrilled to be offered this place, and Jonny especially began dreaming about his longing to immerse in the natural, whether long distance hiking, kayaking, cycling… a breath of fresh air for a budding IT developer who has been behind a computer and completing a degree in London over the last 3 years. Wooo it’s been quite a season for him and he has done brilliantly. Our last 6 months have involved avid searching, letting go, envisioning and contemplating where a solid place might be for us to make home. We both carry a shared vision for building the beginning of community, first between ourselves, and eventually to grow and include close friends, family, whoever feels similarly called. There is an innate knowing that we need to be closely entwined with the land, through safe-guarding thereof, permaculture and a whole multitude of relationship dynamics we yet know probably nothing about. And yet, though with our best intentions, the UK is not ripe for new, young house buyers, nor is it straightforward to buy land and build, nor are there many communities in existence who cater not just for earth conscious people, but also for those who are developing a career in technologies, who want to bridge the gap between the ‘green’ community and the high-rising towers of cities and the power these exude. It seemed we found ourselves in a ‘grey’ area, or a land beyond the current times, something yet unbuilt. And, we endeavour to believe, something which can be organically created between like-minded friends, over much time and devotion.

Which, rather left us without a clear way forwards for right now. And hence, when we were presented again with the dream of relocating overseas, we jumped at this. But, a key and gracious lesson I have come to learn: there is no easy way out. It is tempting to take quick ideals, to believe in the perfect and rosy-tinted outcome, as if presented as an offering from on high, like Zeus descending from Mount Olympus with his bountiful gifts, ‘well done my child’. This is not to say there is no Edenic reality, no paradisical spark of the Divine, nestled deep in all of our hearts. But to affirm that this very spark is us. And, like us, takes time to grow and mature, with us. Just like the plants I learned to cultivate in my small graveled garden this year, there is tender, constant, every day, hard and disciplined work involved. Not work which causes pain and striving, arduous and full of suffering. But work which is threaded with the simple joy of being the hands of love which form and guide this life force into ever more being. If Zeus were to offer you a blessing of one thunder bolt, which you could use in whatever miraculous way you like, that would be fun. But after a day or two you might bore of this, actually lose the bolt, become overwhelmed with its power or just totally lose track of what you’re doing. Without the proper discipleship of something, the day in, day out development, and integrated relationship therewith, it is as if having a child without gestation, or even without conception between two (hopefully) deeply committed and loving partners.

And so it is with our current time frame. We, I notice, are hugely surrounded by fight and flight dynamics. Even at this juncture in time I sat up and went to make myself a cup of tea. The expanding fears of: am I safe where I am, with who I am, and in all my efforts and achievements (or not)? If we are not feeling safe, then perhaps we run away. This might be in the form of addictive exercise, eating complexities, isolation tactics, over the top spirituality, perhaps escapism in one’s own mind (all of these I list because I am well acquainted). Or maybe we do actually run away, or decide to move home in a sudden and erratic manner, this could have been us, I’m not totally sure, but it does have some of those tendencies. And then: we might fight. We find ourselves violently opposing the ‘dark forces’ of government control, of the falsities we spy in our local, our spiritual perhaps, our work, our political communities. It must be their fault why we are in this mess. And maybe not even that, maybe we do realise we carry responsibility also, but we still like to jeer at the ‘other side’, how somehow they are still failing us. Again, everything I write, I can express because I closely associate with it. There is no outside blame here.

There is something we often don’t try though. It is, I believe, the simplest and most obvious example, and maybe it is because of this that we avoid it. Our minds, our games and addictions enjoy the complexity, the drama and often the victimisation of ourselves and others too. But it is the rest, the pause, the gap in the flurry of activity which sends chills down our spine. It is the ceasing to react to catastrophe which at first causes us to feel helpless. In our self-appointed victim-hood we assume self-defence. We are, in a way, fighting an invisible battle purely with ourselves. We like to extrapolate it and illustrate a grand design of how we are on the ‘good’ and moral side, standing up against tyrannical leaders of injustice, or moving with legions of angels in the army of Divine, up against the demonic ones again. We enjoy our weekly matches, just like the football, rugby, and the whole plethora of our imagination. This is testament to our incredibly creative capacities, I do believe! If, perhaps, we were less focused on what is wrong in the world around us, maybe our creative genius could be channeled into such miraculous, wondrous, bright and magnificent beauty which calms, renews and gifts our world with vision, hope and promise. Rather than against anything, we simply take our sovereign power as it is, from right within our souls, and create something forward thinking, collaborative, and unifying. An offspring of love which offers us the solutions we are longing for. But, rather than being the consequence of distant governments who finally listen closely, or the lapse of restrictive legal measures, are the fruits of our shared energy re-orientated around what we want to see, rather than what we do not, or react against out of fear. We must simply go our way, climb every mountain, take the long and unpredictable, often uphill, meandering path of self-defining, self-empowered, and co-creative society.

In my studies of Astrology, I am fascinated to observe and discuss the presence of these power planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mars, who have been gracing our celestial realms with absolute timing, discipline, destruction, constriction, and eventual rebirth. We are no longer in the era of Zeus’ Jupitarian favour of more, more and more. Of the ever and continual expansion of provisions, material wealth and eventual greed. Capitalism is our creation: every time we rely on the supermarket and pop over for the extra pack of flatbreads (does no-one else buy these?). We can’t avoid this. Even if we fast from our capitalist ways, become devoted to local environmental movements, and refrain from driving our car, we are still subject to it. We have created it, and if not us directly, then our parents, and their parents… and so on. We cannot fix this. I do believe, we can only bend our knees. To fall face flat upon the floor. In total surrender to the Cosmos, the Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother, the Divine child that we are, and, dare I say: the royal Sovereign that we are. We must face up to our power. If we cannot face that our reality is all a construct of our own creation, then neither can we begin to fully comprehend our power to totally deconstruct and renew. Saturn is the responsible teacher, who with the sickle of the harvest, brings us into line and commands us to assume responsibility, wisdom and long hard commitment. I can’t think of a time when this is more required, other than right now. The grace of Pluto is that: in dying we are transformed, through the crucifixion we move beyond the veil of what we once knew, into a glorious beginning. What is life, if not death? This is not morbid for me: to be united in the reality of decomposition, is to merge with the creative magic of the true essence of life, the divine spark of plasma and electromagnetic charge which causes life to spontaneously burst forth in all its teaming colours and its vibrant expressions. A never ending cycle of wonder. We are often afraid, as we might feel uncertain of our place in that. We became so disenfranchised from the natural rhythms that we considered ourselves alienated and at wrongs with the Divine. In doing so we have shamed ourselves beyond belief, and even created systems of religion to expound this upon ourselves and our descendants…

With this deeply meandering piece of writing, I have hoped to touch upon some of the background currents I feel have been impacting our whole experience. Whether it be the simple concept of where to live (no more simple than it might have been), or the idea of where do I work, who do I built community with, and so on. We are at the crossroads before us, with an opportunity to bow the knee to wisdom’s call. Bowing down is to give up our old ways, our given structures, our pyramid building hierarchies, our stubborn and self-serving antics. We need to do this to enter into the next phase of our shared existence. Because where we are going, I believe, is a benevolent and common-minded society. But this does not come to us on a platter, not like the fast-food, fast-grab constructs we have created for our suffering souls. This is something we must build for ourselves, with one another, side-by-side, every day and over a long-course of time. It does not look flashy, actually it is hugely messy, full of our fears and shadows to extrapolate, and rife with conflict at times, but this indeed is how we make our way together through the wilderness. This is to build from the ground up, feet firmly rooted on the warm, welcoming earth, spine lifted to the heavens, and waving in the breeze with the beech trees.

And so, in saying all of this, I hope to illustrate my heart’s comfort in staying here, with gratitude for the offer we received, and for what we have right where we are right now, and quite possibly to offer some consolation to where you find yourself too. A meditation of mine has been: why need I think that there is anything wrong with… where I am right now, how and where I work, what I eat and drink, how I exercise and enjoy the outdoors, who my friends are, and what my plans continue to form into…there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of this right here and in this present. It is all one, it is all well with my soul. And my soul sings for joy, that I have been blessed with such a life as this, with such a Love within my heart.

Thank you for reading.

Check out the Galactic Shaman Astrologers conversations if you are interested for more celestial insight (here).

With bountiful blessings & love,


Autumn Sunflower in our garden 2020

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