Nectar of Essential Existence

We pursue our essential existence, as a gentle buzzing bee, radiating towards the sweetest smell,

And find ourselves careering into realisation of who we are,

There are so many options unfolding, avenues to explore, and tastes to experience,

Are we the bee, or, are we the nectar?

Is the object of our desire, is it ‘us’?

~ Whilst the structures of our past existence shatter, a tender yet radical force summons us to continue ‘bee-ing’ ~

Re-alignment with death permits vision renewed,

Passion for life, surrendered to rebirth,

Our path is illuminated by flames of fire,

Only our victorious warrior spirit may pass through,

Though she burns alive, yet she lives,

Arising upon lofty peaks, her feet steady as a mountain goat,

Where she drinks of golden nectar, in a chalice fashioned by Divine hands

To breathe and move in the delicate inbetween of life and death,

Where stopping and going mingle as one,

When the inside and the outside are found in embrace,

The vessel of honey wine is found in the cavern of mystery,

Released by pleasure alone,

As the fierce forwards motion binds ecstatically to total absolution,

Paradox safely holds and stirs us home.

May we have the grace to glide on the winds of change,

Whilst the hurricane transforms our barren history,

And our warm safety is absolved momentarily,

Perhaps we shall uncover a truer, more beautiful knowing,

That the infinite comfort of our existence is right here,

In the knowledge that we are the prize of great pursuit,

Glowing in starlight, stretching across the vast expanse of the Cosmos,

Woven into the fabric of absolute existence,

And buzzing sweetly from place to place,

In the total freedom of all that IS.

Hallelujah ~ We Are

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