Christian Shamaness Astrologer

Dear Beloved reader,

Thank You for coming along with me on the journey!

Here I will delve into what I would like to offer you;

As a budding astrologer, I have come to realise how important it is to weave through ALL of me, as an authentic gift in service.

I am and have been a Christian all my life, whether externally or inwardly, it doesn’t matter. This is a nurturing, deep everlasting faith which encircles an ancient union with God, a well I have been drawing upon which exists completely outside of time or space. And this expression has gone through many evolutionary cycles, as has the history of christianity, which itself is merely a vessel for a timeless thread of mystery, tracing far back to Egypt and beyond, along with many other faiths. My heart seeks to expand this, to exude the sacred heart of what pulses through the many, to be not defined by, nor separate from them.

Let us shine light on the hidden crevices of established belief systems, which in themselves are harboring philosophies which do not serve their own purpose. Philosophy means the study of wisdom, because Sophia is wisdom. And, she is the consort of God, before time was, She was. Sophia also resonates with the sacredness of Earth. Holy Sophia is Holy Spirit. To honour the dwelling of God’s essence, who is within us, is to know the Earth as a living beautiful being. Mother Earth is sensuality, sexuality, fertility… Life and Death.

This brings me to the gorgeous: Shamaness. Oh I love this term! I first really came across an understanding of ‘shaman’ when I discovered how significant this role is for me, whilst studying my birth chart. As my perspective expanded, I began to gaze in wonder how the practice of shamanism is actually and simply the transformation from one state to another, from life to death, death to life, and so on. It is a communion with Spirit, and a going into the void, the unknown, the in-between, with and on behalf of others. This is like the role of intercessor, a term used in the christian circles I know, someone who stands in the gap for others. I have always found myself in such roles, hidden away doing this work on behalf of self, ancestors, friends and family, world issues, and so on. The word Shamaness, though, I love as it conveys the nature-based, tribal essence of shamanism, and encapsulates the ‘ess’ of, I am a ‘she’! And that is very important, I feel, in reinstating women equally with men in the world we have inherited. But really, I just love the sound of it.

Christ Jesus, I believe, was a beautiful shaman: a sacred holy man who walked the narrow path for others to follow, communed with the nature spirits and the heavens, and journeyed for souls, that they may also make the journey to liberation. There are countless holy people who walk this way.

I am uniting Christian and Shaman quite deliberately, as I feel the divide between Mother Earth based faiths and established church systems has gone on long enough. These are one and the same in my eyes; light-filled expressions of knowing God(ess) and unique choices in how to worship and honour the Divine, filled with people, just like us, who naturally create varying, artistic versions. All the faiths and expressions in the entire Cosmos could not entirely reflect the myriad intricacies of the Heart of Divine!

Here is a small little glint of this essence.

In ancient Astrology, there existed a rich library of Alexandria, where all faiths studied philosophies, scriptures and the stars. The expertise and observation of the Universe was central to the kingdoms, and played an essential role for spiritual and ‘none-spiritual’ folk alike. It was natural and common sense. This spread from Greece to Asia, and to Europe. It wasn’t until the Roman church that, along with the witch burnings and many acts of control to tame the masses in favour of the empire, that astrology was deemed a heresy. Along with gender equality, herbalism and natural health, sovereign beliefs… all these were crimes and even worse, labelled as ‘sin’ by the holy fathers, which then came passed down in scripture, and through the church, with remnants still holding strong today. Still today, in many christian communities, women are disallowed from speaking as teachers alongside men. God forbid that she also be interested in astrology, or ideas outside of accepted doctrine… it is indeed changing. However, we still have some standing up for ourselves to do!

It has and still does take me some time to establish myself in authentic sovereignty and declare ‘I Am’, without shaking at the thought of what friends or past elders might say/have said. Perhaps this is a lifelong experience, as we continually stand up to shake off the old, and extend our bright and glorious angelic wings. I keep coming back to just how loved I am, by God, and that I am always guided in absolute certainty, even if my mind at first flinches back and questions something according to what I used to believe or that was scandalous. In this messy ‘working out’ I have discovered many awkward, shadowy avenues, and come to realise that even in the most giant ‘mistakes’ I am so deeply held and supported.

This is how I came by Astrology: at first I reeled back, in memory of dodgy horoscopes from magazines, but then after deciding to simply try and taste the fruits, I discovered this is good. I let my questions flurry up and settle down, to later come together with answers in their own way. In this way I have been able to dance this path of new and ancient knowing, and as I continue to study and enlarge my breadth of experience, now offer this to others.

And SO, it is with great JOY I invite you to receive of this Christian Shamaness Astrologer that I am.

Be in touch with me here, by email or Facebook. Provide me with your Birth details: time (to the minute), date, and location. Let us journey together into your Soul and why you chose to be here right now, to investigate your true essence and callings. Astrology is not fortune telling, it is not above your own sovereignty, and it is always a conversation between us. You are in the driving seat, and, even if something crops up in your chart, you have the divine right to change it and choose for yourself! There is no belittling here! Allow it to be a dipping of your toe in the water, a taste for yourself and see, and you can make up your own independent mind, in every moment.

I would like to offer this by donation, or an exchange of something you create or offer. I courageously trust Holy Spirit to provide for me, and to direct each and every offering I give.

With Warmest Love,


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