Death Invitation

I am feeling how present death is.

Wow, the call to surrender…


I am standing before the cross which Christ so magnificently portrayed,

Arms wide open. There is no end to the fullness…

I see the pouring well,

I also see Mary with a jar of oil, pouring at his feet, caressing his whole body.

When we go down to Hades, we go prepared.

The nourishment of the oil speaks of anointing.

Anointing is the natural support and comfort for Who we Are.

The essences of the oils help bring alive our very essence also…

Together with the nature of oils it is as if we dance,

A weaving of harmonies, calling us, beckoning us beyond and beyond again…

‘Will you come with me? Will you go there too? Are you willing to accept?’

These are the questions we have already romanced with,

Already pondered, mulled, and reflected upon…

And, we said: YES.

We took the invitation to melt into the earth below,

To give way our frail structures of existence,

To let out our deepest exhale.

Not to die physically,

But something much much more than this…

There is a hidden mystery which lies just beyond the horizon,

A little beyond the cusp of the hill’s crest,

Beyond the crashing wave…

This is a doorway, perhaps trapped door, in the floor

Beneath right beneath our bare feet

The spiraling staircase meanders the caverns of all souls…

You are transported back to such innate senses of yourself,

The smell is potent, sometimes nauseating, sometimes delicious,

You feel damp, moist, yet warm and dry,

And you taste, something bitter as rotten bread, and also, like honey…

You cannot make sense of these dual sensations, but all you can do is receive,

Openly, vulnerably, tenderly…

With some careful, slow, humble steps, you begin to arrive at an epicentre,

A zenith of core feelings, intensity, deep, profound gnosis.

This is where you see the very image of yourself,

Starring incessantly back at you, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, hand within hand…

You realise you are in an embrace,

At this split second you feel your soul enraptured in a sort of wind,

A wind which quickly develops into a thundering hurricane around you,

You are wrapped in relentless whirlwinds,

Calling, carrying and transporting you, all of you, into an ever closer state.

The DNA within the strands of winds, they are yours,

Written in the books of life, imprinted for you to find in the tomb of tombs…

You remark upon ancient symbols painted all over your skin,

Glowing alight, radiant with golden streaks, beating to the rhythm of your heart.

You peer at what you thought never existed.

You feel the encasement of your strong, beautiful body…

Fully present, yet completely ethereal and other…

Here you are transformed, within one moment.

The death peel has chimed,

And You Are In Bliss.

You knew nothing of death.

You did not know that en-robed by the pitch black of fear, was: love,

You did not know that by not knowing, one begins to know one’s Soul

You did not know that Soul is more than sole…

Death is something else and more than you thought,

And yet, you know so much less.

Thoughts cannot fathom, though you try…

Somehow your mind is not running as it did before,

And your heartbeat is soft and calm.

You feel the pulse of creation within your very essence,

Coursing through and through you,

As if you were the rivers of life itself.

Your channels are pouring across the Earth’s plains,

Joining, linking, swelling with so many others…

Sacred waters, pure tears of surrender, mourning…

Held, cupped and embraced by the wells of Mother’s earth.

Whole lands, civilizations, species of all living creature come to drink at this Oasis…

This communal, shared, whole source.

Moment by moment you recognise shoots of green are appearing upon barren wasteland,

Once ruined by war, famine and disaster,

Drenched by oils of profit, nuclear waste, and toxic poison,

Now utterly and completely enveloped by rushing, cool waters of delight…

The squeals of joy, oh the ache of longing, waiting….


The cries of abandon, unmet justice, broken voices…


The tragedy of rape, murder, annihilation…

Fiercely witnessed.

At is at this point,

When life meets death, and death meets life,

Within the very caverns of yourself,

In this wild and ecstatic union of what seemed unfathomable,

Beyond any possible imagination, thought or dream…

That you realise one significant and eternal truth,

A truth that will shatter and rebuild all of humanity’s imprint…

That life is not without death,

And death is indeed the very kiss of life…

The exquisite marriage bed of the two.

Death is the invitation to Life,

And Life is the invitation to the same.

Forever and ever,

Royally en-robed as One,

World without end.

Blessed Be.

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