Love, Fear and Revolution

Flowers similar to those I saw today; pure and unrefined, smelling exquisitely.

Today we have a bold moment where Venus conjoins Uranus. There is an absolute commitment to going the way to Revolution for ourselves and our Security on and with Mother Earth. Venus and Uranus call us to rise in true Love for ourselves and one another, through material security’s abundance. Which means: food, clothing, sensuality, emotional, practical, physical, home, land etc…

Taurus is an Earth sign of feminine embodiment in long-term, ongoing, reliable and stable grounded-ness. This may rise questions of how can I fulfill this? It may also raise fears if we feel lacking in this area. We actually don’t need to believe these fears, but look them in the eyes and see them for our desire. Yes: we desire to have true and trusted security, sovereign and noble. How can we do this? Taurus is Earth element, which connects mutually (‘trines’) to Capricorn and Virgo, the two other Earth zodiacs. The sacred devotion to life on Earth is supported by fiery Mars, and powerful Athena (Pallas) currently positioned in Capricorn… there is no holding back. Suddenly we are armored for battle to take a stand, and masculine force is fiercely cold-hearted about how to do this.

We may want to lean into Venusian femininity to balance this powerhouse. This intensity of masculine force for change will increase as Mars approaches Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, so the more we can walk the narrow way of balance, between action and surrendered trust, the more centered and empowered we will feel to actually be this change we are longing for.

There is a sense of urgency and panic, particularly as asteroid Wuhan (epicentre of Corona virus) conjoins Pluto and Saturn. Do we buy all of the rice in the supermarket, wear a mask, wash our hands 1 million times a day? But this fear mongering is not how we move forwards. Though, it does jolt us awake and get us thinking! Hmmm… ‘so how can I look after myself if I needed to live off the land and local community?’ This is really great thinking, and all the earthing elements truly support us to dig deep into this desire.

Taurus is about the small every day choices and our reliability to follow through. So, in truth, these desires for security that we have, can only be achieved in disciplined daily steps, not in frantic over the top spending sprees. Which actually only lend us further into the system of money and institutional dependency…

Meanwhile, our Moon is moving through Virgo, our third Earth sign. She is grounding us in how we might figure out these details for our manifest provision. The perfectionism and particularity of what we need. Not what we don’t need.

The FULL Moon is the Virgo and Neptune polarity. So, the Sun is in Pisces, and will have just moved on from nestling with Neptune. The scales are falling from our eyes: we have the choice to choose to live in our own illusions about the future, and what constitutes responsible action towards holistic well-being, or to soberly act in accordance to our Soul’s guidance. Either we continue to choose ‘escape’ through diverting our attention away from our fears, or we race wildly into them and allow ourselves to be 100% present with ourselves and our circumstances. This can be harrowing, as we realise perhaps how much actions is required. We can choose to step forwards boldly out of love for all humanity, and knowing that we will be absolutely guided by good timing, plans, and everlasting embrace. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Things don’t always appear to be nice or comforting at first. This is the fierce shepherding of our Mother. A mother who is so committed to her offspring, that she will yank them away from the edge off the cliff when they’re about to wonder off into oblivion. The ‘yank’ is firm and jolting. It might be a 90 degree change of angle, a total upside-down dismantling, or a total revolution. However we experience this, we are returning Home. To ourselves.

It’s time to get the details down, to set our mind, body, emotions to the task of preparing ourselves for change. We know the road map: it is etched into the fabric of our Soul. We no longer need the patriarchs, nor the matriarchs; the idea of someone offering us salvation, or being enthroned within our heart. No, we decide to courageously own our sovereignty. Not without the support of others, of all divine entourage… But this time we shall move together, as one. Equally, beautifully, lovingly. There is no one ruler, but a family of hearts, joining together in Love.

Love is in the details, peace is in the action, beauty is in the every day choice. The choice of commitment to rise up, to unravel our potential to fully present ourselves here on Earth; at one with the land, our interdependency, and our stewardship thereof.

The good news is: no one can save us but ourselves. And we are so much more than just ourselves…

The journey beckons…

The bud unfurls, with the promise of Radiant Love

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