The Voice Speaks

If I boldly and courageously shared a message with humanity right now, I would say this:

We cannot continue how we have. Our generations judge each other – do we listen?

What about the voices who cry out in the wilderness?

It is time to see that we have been pawned by society, and used as fodder for an outdated and crumbling ethos. We carry this within us. This is why it is hard to face, because we carry this, which is the worst virus of them all….

Corona virus is something… but this is something else. Corona is a wake-up call to the ruins we are making for ourselves, the shores of flooding seas we are building cities on, and the shattering earth we are planting seeds in for future generations…

Mourn. Yes, comfort is far away. To mourn is our solitary comfort.

This is our breakthrough.

It is not the political system which is the problem, nor our jobs, nor our families… No, it is us. The seed of pain and conflict is lodged so stubbornly in our bones. It is time to stop looking outside for the answers. They are not there. And the more we look outside, the more it will crumble. Come home, come home, come home…

Where is home?

Where do we choose to invest?

Why are so many abandoning self-sustaining livelihoods for rat-race driven careers?

We look at other worldly systems and judge them for their poor work ethics or slavery, but our society does this to itself – every single day.

We think: Oh one day we will stop, take care of ourselves and families. But we still carry on.

No. The decision must begin, in some form, today. Now is all we have. Tomorrow is birthed from today.

A good meal isn’t the answer. A massage isn’t either. And neither is a long night’s sleep… No: Making a committed and fearlessly responsible decision is our one solution.

It will cost you, for sure, test you and discipline you. But this is far less the cost of turning a blind eye and choosing an ‘escape’ through the mantra of ‘carry on’…

It is urgent now.

We are at tipping point. Every moment counts. That is why I am writing right now at 1 a.m. in the morning. I want to sleep. But: my heart is undeniably awake.

Sometimes a good response seems at odds with what our natural habitual urges dictate. Don’t be fooled. We are creatures of habit, and this does not always serve our evolution. We must learn to stand in the tension, the conflict, and cry: ‘Let it come!’

Only in the flames of intense pressure is a diamond formed. It would be so easy to opt out. No – this is not the time.

Don’t fool yourself: Self-love is good. But taking a bubbling bath with luxurious oils is not timely when your bathroom walls are caving in and a burglar is encroaching upon your home…

We have to learn to get up when we don’t want to. 

“Awake Oh Sleepers”

Sleep we shall, bathe even, but first: we must make sure we have made a firm, and absolutely resolute commitment – to ourselves, our families, our communities:

One which will steward us securely and sustain-ably into the future,

One which daringly seeks to honour the natural rhythm of our bodies, our planet and our delicate interdependence,

One which provides us with full sovereignty and material security – not dependent on foreign sources,

One where we can stand on our own two feet and know the Earth beneath us.

~ ~ ~

Let what needs to fall, fall away… Step forwards, oh free beloved one. Come with what you have, it is enough. Stand your ground. You are your solution. Your prayer is answered. Now is also the time of Amazing Grace, the grace of yourself.

There is no one else but you. You are waiting for yourself, every day.

Don’t let yourself down. Don’t abandon the most important responsibility you have: to Yourself. Abandon that, and you have abandoned all care for anyone/anything else on this Planet and the Heavens…

Receive this 

The time has come, for you, for us.

Offer yourself the gift of FREEDOM. 

And take it. Don’t forget to take it.

Live this.

OH! Be the living expression of your Soul’s freedom. 

In this moment…


In Greatest Love for All, Amen. 

Art: ‘Cassandra’ by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London); Cassandra in front of the burning city of Troy

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