This morning I wake up knowing that it is time to love myself more.

Not because I am egotistical, but out of genuine surrender to love all living beings.

When we apply self-healing balm of intoxicated passion for ourselves, I believe we are doing this for all.

We have to be in love with who we are, I mean literally: to fall in love.

heart cave ligt

How does one do that?

We have so many narcissistic players on the stage and collective pains of inferiority. How can we make this bold leap, towards something which feels so dreadfully taboo?

Faith, and severe acts of bravery, of ‘silliness’…

How do we know ourselves, the gnosis of pure love… I don’t know.

We simply choose, every day, a simple act, thought, gesture towards ourselves, and give this in the most carefully loving authentic way we know possible.

These small acts of great kindness develop day by day. It is only with small acts of great love that we can change the world, as Mother Teresa said.

And so, the birth of the Most Luxurious Hot Chocolate in the World:


Your self-love, above all… rally as much as you can bear, recite how you love yourself (left hand on heart can help), speak over the making of the drink all your prayers and affirmations, truly endow the birthing process with how you want to birth your fully loved self.

You are making yourself the most luxurious hot chocolate in the world, truly feel that in your bones, feel the delight of receiving such a gift today, that you would do this, just for yourself.

You decide the nutritional ingredients! Make it decadent, full of mood-boosting elements, hydrating and super yummy. What do you hold back on giving yourself? Maybe an expensive powder, a medicinal honey, a creamy milk… Give an extra spoonful of this.

To give you an idea, today I chose:

Homemade milk of pumpkin seeds and a few almonds (made with water, but it would have been pink coconut water if I had it to hand – so good).

About 30-45g of homemade chocolateIMG_2911

Two spoons of Anima Mundi’s Mocha Mushroom mix (my decadent choice which I like to hold back on!)

Spoon of raw honey; & of Lucuma powder

Spoon of Lecithin granules

Half teaspoon of Shatavari

Cinnamon; salt

I warmed up the milk then mixed everything in the blender.


Place yourself somewhere special, warm, cosy, perhaps with some music on… sip and meditate on your pure Love, Abundance, Exquisite Self… Dream and Be.

Sacred earth woman




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