Announcing: Chocolate Bliss!

5592E81B-9E15-4454-B2F3-BA319B11A9E2.jpegDue to popular demand I am going to start making and selling my chocolates!

This is really exciting as I love doing this. I can offer you a supply of healthy, heavenly cacao treats! Scroll to the end for the tasty details!

My inspiration behind the chocolate magic is, of course, a life-time love of chocolate, paired with my interest in well-being and medicinal foods. Cacao is full of so many nutrients!!! And is ultra supportive for our emotions, hormones and physical diet. It is a self-care tool I have taken up, which I make with deep blessings from my heart. The journey started naturally, experimenting with ideas. And continued to evolve with life, as I learnt about low sugar alternatives, ‘super foods’, ceremonial cacao, and my own cyclical nature. I noticed that food doesn’t have to be something difficult in our lives, as it often has been for me. We don’t need to limit ourselves, instead we can choose to transform ourselves from the inside out, so our choices are naturally more balanced with ourselves and our environment. This is of course a long-term journey! Foods are not against us, making us fatter or unhealthier: they are always a reflection of our choices from within. We can take small steps towards brighter futures in many ways, and attending to our diet is one way. Cacao can serve us in this, because when made consciously with supportive ingredients, it is actually VERY good for you, and yummy. It is richer, so you need less too. This is because more cacao powder is used than in regular high street chocolate. My chocolates are at least 20% cacao powder.

I have struggled with craving foods which I knew were bad for me, and discovered that a lot of our beliefs about unhealthy eating are wrong! It’s not a case of cutting out what we love in favour of something we dislike, but getting to the root of what we really crave, beyond the sugary Mars bar. Often it might be more healthy fats we need, or more carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals…everything can be in balance. The chocolate bars and truffles I currently create are made from cacao (raw cocoa) powder, cacao butter, a sweetener (such as coconut sugar, raw sugar cane crystals, agave syrup), lucuma powder, and an addition of ‘super foods’ for specific purposes. All the ingredients I use are organic and mostly raw. I make the chocolates as raw as possible, meaning I don’t cook the mixture. I source the highest quality I can find, often from the renowned Raw Living, which is like a treasure trove of incredible gems, promoting ethical, organic, radiant produce.

Cacao powder is the raw version of cocoa powder. Why is it ideal to use? It is not caffeinated unlike roasted cacao, hence you will not feel a caffeine high. This is far better for me because I often like a little chocolate late at night, and naturally I don’t want to be buzzing before I sleep. Also, the nutrients are retained to a greater capacity in raw options. Cocoa powder has been heated many times, which exhausts it of its beneficial nutrients and oils.

Cacao has the following benefits: one of the highest known sources of dietary magnesium and sulphur, with 10% antioxidant flavonols, cannaboids, phenylethylamine, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and it’s an aphrodisiac! (with credit to Kate Magic’s book: ‘Raw Magic‘ where she details the above properties).

What does this all mean? Basically it is incredible for HEART health, building strong bones, prevention of cancer, and an ultimate BLISS train. Cannaboids, also found in Cannabis, release serotonin in the brain. The other long names I mention also support the brain function and bring about JOY. A small dosage of cacao every day is actually a wonder worker for many of our modern ailments. Cacao comes along to support us.

A lot of chocolate then has high amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats added to it, which don’t enhance the natural properties of the beans. Cacao creation is about ALCHEMY! Which implies the mixing process is essential. It is a delicate art of what, and how much to add, and honestly the same recipe comes out different every time! Somehow the cacao is truly magical, as it has a guidance of its own. A Divine one of Bliss, I like to think.

Sugar, refined especially, in large quantities is obviously not good for us, as many studies demonstrate. In my personal experience I don’t enjoy the sugar highs. Cacao enlivens us, and pair that with a sugar high and it can feel wobbly, or ungrounded, rather than stabilising and enjoyable. I have found that coconut sugar works well, which has a low GI, and doesn’t taste of coconut. Others are good to experiment with, and I am keen to use the raw sugar cane crystals which are high in nutrients too, and do not carry a high GI.

Adding an adaptogen, such as Maca or Ashwaghanda, helps to balance out the cacao experience so the body’s adrenals are well supported. Adaptogens are great stress correctors when taken well, over time.

Lucuma is quoted as ‘Gold of the Incas’ and is a sacred fruit from Peru, used for sweetening with acclaimed benefits to the body.

Here are my selections of cacao creations, tuned to different essences:

  • ‘LOVE’ Cacao original. Simple concoction of cacao, cacao butter, lucuma, coconut or raw sugar crystals, agave syrup, salt, and above all, love. £3.99
  • ‘ROYAL’ Cacao and Etherium Gold. Etherium Gold is a monotomic trace element, which works on an energetic level to help restore balance to the DNA. It has been scientifically found to balance the two hemispheres of the brain; our overactive right brain (doing) and the left (being). It also contains lots of minerals. Spiritually, Etherium Gold supports miraculous manifestation, with aura expansion and protection. Kate Magic shares that when mixed with chocolate the capacity for the gold to bring healing to our cells is particularly powerful. £4.99
  • ‘SUPER POWERS’ Cacao and Maca or Ashwaghanda. Maca is an adaptogen, meaning it supports our ease to adapt to our (changing) environment, with grace and flow, as opposed to stress and pain. It is a hormone balancer, wonderful for women especially. Maca and cacao are said to be a definite aphrodisiac! Ashwaghanda is similar, especially helpful for coping with and moving through stress. £4.99
  • ‘EXPANSION’ Cacao and Reishi. Reishi is a highly used Chinese medicine, used for overall wellness, and amazing at promoting deep security, coupled with spiritual, emotional expansion. We feel grounded, and able to be present. £4.99
  • ‘JOY’ Cacao and Gojis, with Etherium Gold. Grown high in the Himalayas, in mineral-rich soil, these berries are also found to be high in monotomic trace elements. They lift our spirit and bring a super sweet smile to our face! Renowned by Chinese Medicine, they have many nutritional qualities. £4.99

These are what I’m currently making. I am continuing to expand and trial, and I’m happy to create your own custom order!! I am introducing them at this price.

To order with me please email me directly on, and we can arrange payment and delivery. 💜

In your email please share:

  • Your chosen chocolate(s), quantity, and any special preferences based on the above descriptions.
  • Any dietary allergies. I cannot securely say our kitchen is 100% gluten or dairy free.
  • Whether you would like a chocolate bar (approx 65-70g) or the equivalent in truffle size (great for nibbling and sharing).
  • Your address and name, and whether you are sending this as a gift (I can include a special message for you).
  • How you would like to pay: PayPal or bank transfer.

For your first batch of chocolate – postage and packaging are free! (To any nation – I will comply with the regulation for import, generally home-made products can travel more easily from what I have read). 

Hereafter p&p is £1.50 or free if your order is over £20 (within the UK). If you’re living beyond the UK I will adjust the cost to cover this, please let me know your whereabouts in your email. The chocolates travel well in the post, and I would suggest storing them in your fridge once they’ve arrived, to preserve the goodness. You can freeze them too.

It will take me between 3 to 7 days (depending on order size) to get your selection shipped out to you, as I will make these freshly upon your order 🌟