Next week I am flying out to Hawaii for about 2 weeks!

I’d like to share briefly about this on here, for you who might be interested!

Why travel across the world, alone, to a place which can seem randomly chosen, at the drop of a hat?

About 2 years ago I began to feel drawn to this land. Pressurised circumstances had opened a deeper well within me, and I found a passion for themes on the lost lands of Lemuria, dolphins and whales, ancient tribal locations, civilisations, and places of interesting energy vortices. I happened by apparent chance on all of these. Firstly, through waking visions of the deep oceans which beckoned me to discover their lost civilisations and my connections to this. Secondly, by what seemed like random I listened to a video by a lady called Charmaine Redwood, who described her calling to Hawaii, to connect with the dolphins and rediscover who she was and her mission on earth. Sometimes the only way I could release any pain I was feeling was to immerse my ears with dolphin meditational music. I felt safe and at home. Thirdly, I was feeling the draw to ancient mysteries and civilisations. Somehow the thousands of years from now to then seemed like the turning of a chapter, to now be reconnected through my life. That, for whatever reason, I contained a strong memory of these times, and the thread of eternity moved through me, asking me to pay attention to once upon a time. To my surprise I discovered, through mediation and research, that many of these civilisations, such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, Atlanteans and Lemurians were highly advanced, much more than today. Their cities seemed to be built in harmony with the universe and nature. Well-being and connection with all seem to have been at the heart. Moving on, fourthly, was my experience of energy vortices, or vortexes. These could be seen as wells, openings, chakras, wheels… like in the body, they are in the earth too, as she is a being as well. I do not know anywhere near enough about this, but through reading and my intuition, I have come to feel that there are possibly places across our planet which emanate certain frequencies associated which different chakras/wheels within the body. This is where energy comes out/in. It can be a place of flushing and healing. Ailments can be nursed through chinese meridian medicine, which now has emerging scientific evidence as the scientific arena begins to integrate energetic wisdom into its doctrine. It’s worth doing a read-up on this if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. Having only been to two of the supposed earth chakras I cannot really comment, but I have most certainly felt strong spiritual awakenings and life-bringing shifts in these places.


Boo! My impression of the exploding, radiating heart


Hawaii is said to be associated with the frequencies of the heart vortex. This is exciting for me, as the call to enter my heart more deeply has been nudging me. In the fast paced, western city that I live in, with the responsibilities of my current job, I am finding the effects to be negative on my heart. I am awaking to a slower, different pace of life. Which is simultaneously liberating, but terrifying. This in itself is rather traumatic. To feel that you actually don’t fit into the ‘system’ anymore, that I am not able to work these kind of hours, which I notice others tend to be more able to keep up with. Or do they? When I let go of the layers of performance, striving, caffeine/sugar addictions, and embrace my natural connection to the land, the seasons, to vibrant food, to female cycles, rhythms of yin and yang (rest and fire), gentle movements of grace…then I begin to fail at being a ‘professional hard working woman’, but just a me, a deeply happy and at peace me. Though, difficult to place within a busy office to contribute likewise. Instead I bring in my grounding mat, oils, tea, and enjoy making conversation with my office colleagues, hoping to create more fun, expansive moments in the day. The administrative, policy and number driven, competitive world that we can find ourselves in is harmful on the heart I have found, which is inherently fleshy, sensitive and thrives on balance. This is something I feel is the case worldwide in many places. I am going to Hawaii to tend to my heart, and to allow harmony to weave its way through my life, as I reconnect to the earth and yield to her rhythms of unconditional love and grace. It is to sew into a new future, not just for me, but to envision for humanity too. Imagine the end of conflict, of disconnection with yourself and others, a pollution free planet, a life mission that is exciting and full of joy, not a responsibility to earn money to pay the rent. Dare we live in community and share our belongings and lives, support one another, and move away from independence and competition? I dream of this 🙂

This journey next week will be a fun-filled, and no doubt stretching, adventure through Maui and Kona area…with a group of people some of whom I know a little, and others I’ve never met. From across the world! United in passions to awaken excitement and adventure through spending time immersed in Hawaii’s nurturing love. Bridget Nielsen is someone I found through her videos online, who radiated a heart beat I too resonated with, and shone hope and passion into my life, as I felt whisked up lovingly by myself, encouraged to tread confidently onward on my path. She’s great, I really recommend having a look at her wise and life-giving creations! Bridget and her family (found at Harmonious Earth) are leading this trip. The site for Harmonious Earth is inspiring and exciting to read.

And so, this is enough said for the moment. For now, I just need to go!

Big love, mahalo!

Emeline ❤