~ Time unravelled ~


DuskI live in the past. I live in the now. I live in the future.


I am eternal. Unbound by phases of time; I see beyond and before.


Time is to me a wave upon the shore. Just a moment’s glance. An inhale of crisp fresh air. A view upon the crescendo of dawn. The service of experience.


Unravelling the past is the discovery of now, and the landscape of future. Who was I, then? What did I feel, what did I know?

The deeper one dives, the smaller the divide, between then and here. Are you all that different?

You have always been, and always will be.


We sing songs to God, saying; ‘for he was, is, and will be, forever and ever’,

The mystery, is that is you, also,

For you were singing to yourself all along.


Awaken the song of the phoenix bird,

Flying through time, as a messenger of hope,

Beauty is in the remembrance of eternal existence.


A mother, a father, of time,

To hold the balances of time in the heart,

As a key to unlocking the chapters of you.


Take hold of those precious scrolls of life,

The inscribing of the divine, experienced in human skin,

To peer beyond the veils of one ocean’s drop, and to explore the great seas of outstretched being.



The now is a reflection of the past and future,

It is a mirror of truth,

An offering of perception.


One who looks within will unlock the door to halls of wonder,

The rooms of self,

The cloisters of your unhindered, exquisite nature.


From one point of existence, extends the whole of everything that is,

Refuse to believe in the illusion of only now, and know the grace of timelessness,

Step forth in the shoes of royalty.


The earth, the moon, the stars and galaxies are yours,

You belong from then,

And towards there.


The present is a gift to you,

To see yourself starring back from long, long ago,

And from beyond the realities of time.


Catching you up into waves of blissful existence,

Blessing your now,

And calling you henceforth into your one, vast expanse.


Note: Thanks for reading 🙂 this little poetic dance is about the beauty of presence in the moment, whilst seeing the present as an open door of access to all of time and beyond it. This is how I think, how I am lead to experience, and a great joy of my heart. Many blessings in your adventures, time travellers!