Changin’ up! Diversifying and unifying! I read this passage following my thoughts below, and thought; how perfect! Can we be unique and united simultaneously?? I don’t know, I am walking the journey myself and often find myself swinging in roundabouts..judging others, thinking I’m better, or submitting to others’ views as if they are on a pedestal, and all these things. All these which we do because we are generally afraid – what would it be like to have unquestionable comfort in the face of others’ opinions, and to always find places of common ground between one another, to notice the divine connection, the whole picture? Can we open our eyes wide glimpse and step into the heavenly, glorious mystery of a people found joined hand to hand, the circle of life, the dance of love? This has been a heart passion of mine for as long as I can remember, which has probably been a bit annoying, sorry about that. But I do not fail to continue to feel it alive and pulsing through me 🙂 I will always long for sweet common connection!

From 1 Corinthians book 1 of the New Testament, wherein Paul is addressing a community in Corinth at the time, this is taken from a more Jewish version of the text: “Now I urge you, brothers and sisters, through the name of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah, that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and in the same purpose”.*

So, unity and diversity – may they sit together, if they do so in Yeshua, then they can do in us 🙂

Here is my discussion for your musing if you like:

Idea: ‘You can’t not perceive something in your own perception’.


We can have the intention to look at something which is from a different angle than our own, and attempt to grasp another’s viewpoint. But even if we make it, we are still going to have our own essence in the mix. If each person is a telescope, let’s say, then every lens is unique to that individual. We are, naturally, not machines. We are made up of living cells, unique and variable.

The moment we try to force something life replies with a responsive thrust. In quantum physics if you try to locate an electron in an atom it will evade your eyes. To pin point these energetic particles is almost impossible. One cannot predict the outcome, and some scientists have said that quantum processes act randomly.

And so it is with trying to force one’s self to being not who one is. You will react in opposition. Likewise, if you try to force the embrace of another’s perspective, it cannot be done. Because you are a unique living organism. You can appreciate another’s, but you can never see the world exactly as they do.

Some people say we need to step away from framing things in our own image. But, I suggest: how can one? For we only have our lens, or channel. I would suggest also: is the concept of the image not so much bigger than all our lenses grouped together?

I would like to think that a concept, a mystery even, be so big that all our human perceptions as one can still not create an expansive enough image. Still more to discover; pressing on; opening wide. More internal angles of our selves to gaze into, and to look from within. Are our own eyes as big and variable as we actually have the capacity to be? For example, if you don’t use part of your brain in daily life, you will not realise it is unused. But it’s still there, waiting. Similarly for our DNA – do we wonder what the other parts of our DNA are blueprinted for?

I believe life is ultra complex, in a beautiful way. Like the undergrowth in a rich forest: possibly one of the most interesting things you could look at. Creatures, soil, layers, foliage, roots…all in unique, vibrant arrays, interweaving and wonderfully unorganised (in comparison to our modern day western principles).

Through the lens of nature there is always an organising principle, but this is at a deep atomic level, which surely expresses itself tangibly in a sometimes seemingly chaotic fashion.

Coming back to the complex map of life; through examining nature I have seen that things are not predictable, confined, monotonous. Yes, there are rhythms, seasons, and like the time signature in a piece of music, but these act as a container, a blueprint and framework for the wild, untamed expressions of energy to move upon and within.

Hence, how can we be precise in our unravelling of each and every concept, no matter how scientific we may be. Every discovery is based upon our own perception, which is good, but does not cancel out another’s original viewpoint.

Equally, the concept itself is alive, if it is true, and forever changing. The beats per bar, the construct of the canvas, these may remain, but the hum, the roar of the notes, or the dance of the artist’s instrument, they differ violently; flowing according to life itself, the combustion of raw energy. As a nuclear reactor: dangerous and potent. Unfathomable, and yet piercingly heard or seen. Yet, how much to you actually see, hear, smell, touch?

Do you think that what you recognise is the only form?

What if life’s expression is relative to each vessel or being who experiences it? If each encounter is entirely relational?

A deep web of connecting spirals and patterns.

We assume that we see everything. And yet, we really only are aware of what our brain tells us we see. There are a lot of hidden experiences, vortexes…

Which, to see, we must connect to relationally. This is a concept well known in quantum physics, in spiritual beliefs. By relationally I mean through the heart. For now, we come to the meaty depth of this discussion.

The heart, our heart, is like the access point to experiencing everything: seeing others, and us, the harmony between all. The heart is the core, the nucleus.

And yet, we can only be empowered to engage this enigma through innocence and simplicity. Why? For it involves direct access to truth. And to start at the most basic point, that implies who you truly are. If you speak to most people they have little idea of who they are, and many of us are on a life-long quest of self-discovery. True, we are always on this path. Yet, many of us have lost touch with our raw expression of self. This is easiest to access through re-experiencing our childhood; dicing through the memories, healing trauma, and unearthing what causes one’s self to feel most enlivened and excited. This is the key to the heart.

As a child we are wide eyed and naïve, open and ready to learn. We have still not learnt to close ourselves off, and normally we are fearless. This is why getting in touch with your childhood dreams, hobbies and character is so important, because often this is the most compact, raw parcel of ourselves that we have in tangible expression. Yeshua mentioned poignantly, ‘only the children can inherit the kingdom of heaven’. He knows well that the doorway to comprehending something as mysterious as the heavens, something which scientists, explorers, astronomers and so on have sought eagerly to unveil for decades, remains open most easily to those young at heart. Our child self is us, unmasked and original. This is how we look through the eyes of the fleshy heart, in the tender emotions and untarnished innocence of self. Any pain we have picked up along the path of life will hold us back, as long as we allow it to. Healing ourselves is essential to be able to open our eyes, our ears wider. We cannot join together with all of humanity unless we completely yield to who we are.

To return to the idea of each moment hinging upon relationship: it is entirely that. Relationship can only truly function if both relational beings are one and themselves. And to be one’s self, one must move in one’s heart of hearts. Paradoxically, as we dig deeper into variable viewpoints, and the dichotomies and so on between them, which augment over time as each perceiver zeros further into their identity as a person, whilst they will clash markedly as opposing colours in an artist’s palette might, they will find increasing harmony. This, I suggest, is because harmony and unity come about from individual parts, not from similarity or uniformity, as we often tend to think. If we have contradictory views to another we suspect we cannot be pals. We group together with like minded people often. But true and original perceptions are not intended to draw people apart, but actually together. Each species of tree is different from another, and yet they all stand together, gloriously portraying the design of life.

I write this in inspiration, in dreaming of an empowered mind-set, where every intricacy of your divine and unique self, is unearthed and expressed on the outside, joining in miraculous harmony with the beat of others, and the overarching rhythm of life.

Thanks for joining in.

N.B If you need an image of what unity may look like, or some one to assist you, Yeshua is so good at that, I think he overcame voids of separation, and joined the universe up in his triumphs and love.


*I believe in the power of the words written, because the flow of Spirit moves through us, and in many of the bible texts there is a strong feeling of profound depths. I think each and everything is written in context though; if you receive from the Bible, like with any other (heavily edited) text, I would recommend to be sure to check out what is relevant to you and how your Spirit guides you.

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