The Overflow ~

I used to question (a lot) how to live my life in constant adoration of God. Just to be immersed in Heaven all the time. Every moment. I was addicted, and for good reason.

I struggled with daily life, job, commitments, random tasks. Just normal human things. I didn’t want to do them! I just wanted to go on a wild adventure with God.

Of course, I began to see the beauty in each moment, and the joy of serving others, meeting my destiny in my activities. But they still felt like just a means to living. Not a fulfillment, or not completely involved with myself and my passionate heart. I felt detached. And sometimes I still do in a different way.

But, I have been learning the bliss of interconnection between everything in my life. I no longer need to see my career, my hobbies and so on as a disruptive thing, something which gets in the way of my intimate moments with Heaven. What if every single moment is a door way? What if entirety is found in the present moment in front of us.

My life is an overflow of the activity of my heart. It is never stopping. I no longer need to feel that activities get in my way, for they are an expression of me. No longer do I need to feel burdened to get up very early and pray. I don’t feel the hankering to have to read however much of the Bible, for example, a day. I don’t need to do anything. And sometimes I honestly don’t do any of those things for a long time. Yet I do, just in a different way. My heart is constantly in union with the One I love. Because I have decided it with Him to be that way. It is quite simple 🙂

I have desired for my activities to be an expression of me, an outflow of my entwining with God. Which in itself is constantly realising itself, as I gradually awaken to this!

The heart is like an engine. As we engage our life within, so our body moves in response. If we have life flowing as a river through ourselves, then we are a source of life for all those around. And our rivers meet and form oceans of teaming life.  So, really, to live our daily lives, whatever it is our heart’s have led us to, is like painting a picture with the colours of who we are. The living out of life is the moving, the act of the brush. It doesn’t always matter to what one is moving, just that one is stepping out, and most importantly that one is alive inside. For that is whence comes the array of splashing colours. That is what we have to bring to the world. It is not so much what we do, but who we are in the midst. The most precious treasure. So strong, and yet we can be so fragile. Perhaps that is where the proverb about guarding one’s heart comes from, for it is the wellspring of life.

May our hearts be light footed, dancing beings of joy, beating to the rhythm of life. Like a wild drum, calling others to the dance.


Here is my rabbit trail on an aspect of wholeness, from a big picture perspective! Partly illustrating my heart behind holistic wellness. It is rather long, bear with me.

Why write about spirit, body, and mind?

Each in their own right are necessary for us to function in our lives. Spirit is our life source, mind/soul is our personality, thoughts and emotions, body is our vessel. To give a rough picture of how I see it.

It is more than that though.

Whilst looking at each is important, what interests me mostly is the harmony between them. I like to attempt to understand how things work. The beauty of being an instrument is more real to me as I explore this. Parts of myself make up the mosaic of my whole being, which in turn play together to form a crescendo-ing concerto. And, bigger still, I am a single note in the grand symphony of life. I am simultaneously nothing in comparison, and yet I am everything too. I enjoy seeing life in dichotomies. But what I enjoy even more is seeing the wholeness of everything. Some call this oneness.


A dichotomy, as you know, is two contrasts. Like light and dark. This is exceedingly interesting. This is why we get statements like, ‘God is longing for your friendship, whilst He is completely satisfied without it’. How can both be at the same time? It is a paradox. In quantum physics we see that an atom can mysteriously be in two places at once. The famous example is Schrödinger’s cat. Not only that but the atoms can even anticipate future movement. This leads towards thoughts on parallel universes…like we saw in the film ‘Interstellar’. The main character found himself in another dimension after going through a black hole, from which he communicated with his daughter. So what is this mind-boggling thing about two places at once, parallel realities, alternate dimensions?!

These ideas might seem beyond our minds, or far out from our daily reality. And yet, paradoxically, they are not. In my opinion we live at a point of collision between multiple coinciding realities. This even exists internally, you might be surprised, and yet not surprised (!). I began to see how external expressions are mirrored on the inside and vice versa, for both are part of each other. To give a plain example, a simple dichotomy might be that sometimes you love yourself, and yet at other times you have a real hard time seeing much good in yourself. It’s like a contradictory relationship with yourself, a love-hate relationship with your body perhaps. How can you both love and hate? If we look externally in the world, we can see how cross-culturally the human population has and still does stand up/fight against each other. We have taken dislike towards some, and delight towards others. How can this be the case when in reality we are all human? (Maybe if we loved ourselves more truly we could understand how to love others… and the other way around too; together in union).

So, a dichotomy can be summed up as the two opposing sides of a coin. Like sky and earth/sea. Both entirely different, yet make up the wholeness of our planet. In a less tangible way dichotomies can be seen as right and wrong. Another word we could use is polarity. You might have an opinion which is polarised compared to another person. Perhaps you believe eating Sunday lunch every week is right, whereas the other believes Sunday lunch should never be planned or a regular habit. It makes life interesting doesn’t it, being all mixed up in multiple opinions and ways of seeing the world.


Parallel realities are similar, yet slightly different. To cite an example; think of when you were in your classroom as a child. Perhaps you were fully present physically, on your chair and holding your pen. Yet, you might have been totally absent in your mind, day dreaming about running about outside, or thinking on something more interesting to you. You could say you were both in the classroom and outside. A parallel reality is something that is happening directly at the same time. Your awareness to this is what is subject to you. This is closely linked to the topic of dimensions, because you could say that other parallel existences are actually occurring in different dimensions, hence why it is parallel. This entire subject is rather complex when it comes to specifically defining what is going on, and people probably have varying opinions. Interestingly there is a lot of scientific evidence coming out of recent, and it is easy to find.

To expand further, take the example of Heaven. You might have beliefs of whether it exists or not, or you might have actually been to places in this place we call Heaven. The Apostle Paul talks about having been lifted up into ecstasy, taken to realms of God’s Kingdom, whether in the physical body or not, he didn’t let on. So, this place that he went to was highly unlikely to be bound to the world he lives his every day life in, where he walking around meeting and talking with people. He was transported somewhere entirely different, somewhere which to him was clearly heavenly. Hence, one could say he accessed his awareness of another dimension, another reality occurring simultaneously. Otherwise, where is it? One cannot limit it to imagination and stop there, because imagination itself is indeed connected to another place. Or did you think the images you watch in your mind are completely pointless? What goes on in our mind has a lot more meaning and connection to the entire universe than we could possibly discover in one life time. It is a great mystery, and yet entirely open for us to discover.

And so, perhaps other realms of existence are not as far as some think. Maybe it is as close as your breath. Possibly even, within you?


The exploration of varying contrasts within states of reality, the discovery of other layers of these realities, like layers within a gateau. And what I like the most is the mystical adventure of seeing all of these interplay together, right here. The farness, and yet the nearness. Simply stepping out your door and seeing the vast outstretched cosmos with all of its dimensions, at rest in the botany of a mere blade of grass. For, overarching its crescendos, its diminuendos, the up and down differences,the clash of opposing thoughts, all of life is ONE. And it can be found in me, in you. We are the beginning and the culmination of life. The Alpha and the Omega. Just like Jesus said, we are as He is. In the image of God, our ONE source!


All photos were taken by me! (Apart from the one it’s just me, that was taken by Jonny)

P.s If you have any thoughts on this do let me know if you like 🙂