Moving forwards, new ideas

Sometimes you can wonder how to process some things, where you are at, or about where are you going. Life can seem too big all at once. It can suddenly feel overwhelming and you feel you have no answers to what is before you. Uncertainty perhaps, apathy, maybe lack of connection. It’s hard to understand life at times.

Oddly, these are the times I often find that interesting avenues become more obvious to me… I have decided I would like to start writing about a journey of mine. This is because I believe it might help others too. It is to do with well-being, holistic experience of wellness; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have happened upon my own challenges, and these have taught me so much about valuing myself and reaching out for gold in many areas of life. I have seen how myself can be easily segmented out into three main groups: the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual. Three in one, that’s me. Like separate chapters of one book, which all interweave within each other and contribute towards my wholeness, my vitality. This pattern of three helps me to organise my thoughts, and to draw experience and insight together.

It is a rather eye-opening journey so far, and I feel only at the brink. We are so incredible as humans, and are part of something beautiful. How can it be summed up into one explanation, or by simply one person. Perhaps that is because we all have our own contributions to bring, that together we make a magical patchwork quilt. We do need each other, we are indeed connected (and not just by the internet hehe!)

I thought I’d share here some of the topics on my heart to write about; they include things like…

~ muscles, bones, and alignment

~ my food ideas for wellness, in balance with body and emotions

~ mental peace and wholeness

~ mind body connection, mind emotions connection

~ spirit connection, letting go and embracing the greater picture

~ spirit mind and body; self-awareness, harmony and elevation

And so, I may start to move over to another site as I adventure in this. Which may suit it better.

These topics may not sound very traditional, for someone like me coming from a (sort of) christian background. I know I wrote beforehand a little about this. I love God, I love Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I love the way God is expressed through other windows of life. Some cultures name the spirit as the Great Spirit, for example. I am finding my experience of new insights is enriching my very being, and my understanding of many many things. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, whatever it is you may believe.

Love, and see you soon