My journey in union with God

Out of desire to express some of the aspects of the divine, I am writing a short piece on my own experience.
Truly what I want to illustrate is my perception of the constant surrounding reality of the truth of God. How that is remaking me, reshaping my understanding of God himself, altering my world paradigm forever. I used to consider I understood all of this…that was until I was flung off my own metaphorical and internal cliff! And then from the rubble I began to discover gems of gold.
I used to see myself and everyone according to the bounds of possibility, constraints of time and space, limitations of certain belief systems and so on. Yet it has always been in the low and desperate place for me that I have found secret doorways to a reality outside of ‘normality’. Perhaps like in Narnia; the wardrobe, yippee! And so in finding difficulties of life, pains of the soul, I have discovered sacred truths, unconfined by the systems of this world. It is a painting by the hand of God; the face of Jesus shines down on me and illuminates my mind and heart. I find myself awakening to new realities, always with Him. Never alone. What I thought was too big for me, too much, too far, once I begin the journey upon the wild path I find my hand snug in the embrace of true Love. He takes me further out beyond what I thought, offends and messes me up, until I arise shining. I think those who love us the most, they have that place which can both cause pain and comfort. My pain has been my letting go of what I thought was truth. In the end all I need is truth Himself; He illuminates all.
Wherever I go, He is there. It is entirely shocking sometimes. There is a place of union with God which transcends everything. Truer and truer experience of oneness with Him takes us completely outside of all constraints and beyond day-to-day life as we expect it, and yet simultaneously grounds us within this, whilst separate at the same time. In this way we can function both in our bodies here and now, as well as involved in our union with the divine. These merge continually until all will increasingly live as one. This is how I perceive at least.
I am loved, I am embraced ~ my heart beats within love, I breath love, I return to love and am joined in love. We are love together.