Ascending in Christ

Ascending in Christ…

Some present thoughts

Because of oneness with Him, we are extending who we are across various places, some of lesser lightness, and bringing much wholeness and redemption through time.

It is understanding our place and who we are, that from that we are sent out. Forever in union with him. The idea that we could be outside of relationship is non existent.

Sometimes life can look ‘otherly’ or weird according to others’ understanding. And it’s true in a way, for we are all unique. We are in God, yet totally distinct simultaneously. Eternity is oneness, and yet there are multiple dimensions of existence.

There is no fear anymore of being separated. For it is within this greater truth that only connection resides, never loss or distance. Reality is perception, because it depends from where and how you look at it.
There is a place of rest and abiding. All is complete and found. It is heavens’ truth, the reality of other realms, places light and free. This can be here too.

Metaphorically our feet are firm here, and our perception’s eyes are gazing through dimensions of light. Through experience there and understanding of reality, we can release that through daily ‘normal’ lives here. Because all is together as one, truly. We are returning to this.

Shoot for the stars

I was enjoying a YouTube video; it had a beautiful shot of the night sky. It got me thinking about all those stars and possible goings-on out there… such magnificence, a display of playful interaction and invitations to come and see. And then I found myself feeling frustrated. Frustrated because of (what I perceive as) a ‘no go’ zone, veiled over so many eyes. For me, I am only beginning to peep beyond. I am pondering upon the idea of illusion (here me out – I haven’t been watching the Matrix too many times!) Something about this weighs upon my heart – the whisperings of greater truth and freedom. Whatever that may look like for each of us.

I do not know enough about these matters; mostly I go by my discernment and heart. It’s a fun little endeavour that I find pleasure in. It seems that part of who I am is to adventure and uncover hidden things. These days I don’t have to go very far, obscure ideas just seem to hit me in the face! Next I find myself writing, reading or simply musing. There are many ‘secrets’ which are longing to be found. I am collecting my little bag of marbles, I like that metaphor. I am finding that they are not just for me though, as I carry some of these musings, I discover they are more than simply thoughts, are truly precious, and are longing to be released for others. The Bible verse rings around my head: ‘all of creation is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed’. I can feel that groan, it’s inside of me.

We all know the phrase, ‘shoot for the moon, and you may miss and fall among the stars!’ Or perhaps I am quoting that wrong, but I quite like the idea of falling softly upon dazzling starry constellations. The reality is though; I imagine very few of us are considering our next trip to be to the moon. I know, for sure, that our holiday budget might just cover going to the Alps, possibly. We fly truly high in an aeroplane and consider that high up. I climb a small Scottish mountain and suffer from an onset of vertigo. We visit London’s sky garden bar and I get worried about my knees wobbling. This leads me to assume then that, in the most general way, we are not exactly used to the idea of going way high. I mean, going higher than the earth, the moon, mars, and even…outside of our solar system? Really?

You may be thinking that hasn’t been invented yet, or perhaps, why would we want to do that, it’s all just raw space. Maybe, we have enough to take care of on the earth – shouldn’t we sort ourselves out first? Yes I understand that. What nags me is the very fact we hardly ever speak about cosmos related matters, barely hear any news upon exo-planetary (it’s not even in my dictionary!) affairs, and neither do we consider whether what’s out there is intimately related to what’s down here. Few are really talking about these, at least openly. Interestingly, we learn that space is way out of our comfort zone – somewhere extremely far and alien to us, somewhere bound by light years of travel, and so on. It seems like a fairly closed door to the normal day to day ways of life. All of this seems outside of our access points when we look at it within the confines of distance, time, money…

However, what tends to be concealed from us is the simple truth: the mysteries and reality of the universe are all around us, right here.  They are within our grasp, welcome for every single human being to take hold of, free of charge. You may be wondering what exactly that is. Well, our forests for example, they are filled with ancient trees, foliage, blooming flowers, luscious grass. All of the expressions of nature (including ourselves), they speak sacred truths. Now, you might consider me a bit of a loony, to suggest that nature is communicating with us. Without taking it too far perhaps, what I am hinting at are the keys found within nature which can point us to how space, other planets, stars and galaxies are all mysteriously interwoven with us and our planet. Not far, nor hard to reach. They could also suggest we have a significant part to play upon not only the earth, but across many others spaces of life. It is a secret, a really old one, about our part in a humungous story, being played out in this moment. You only really need to spend time in the bliss of untamed woods, fields and mountain-scapes, and after a while of desiring to learn more, things do start to unravel quite spectacularly, bit by bit.

I will leave it there. Some food for thought and munching. I wonder what your thoughts might be.

Hoping you enjoyed my space-hopping antics, and feel encouraged in some way to be you,

Much love