Present thoughts

What to write about?

I have decided to put my blog back online. And I really want to write about something. Do you ever feel like you have a lot to say, but are not sure where to start? I’m going to write and allow my creative flow to express itself. Let’s see where that takes us. Casting my precious voice out upon the beautiful ocean. I think we all have a limitless supply of goodness to pour out, just got to allow it out, hmm!

I think the only way is out for me!

I used to blog about my experiences with Jesus. I love those times, they were deep, transformative, and a small expression of my life. My spiritual walk has been moulded largely by the church, and that was good. All of those moments are part of my rich blessings.

But, for me, things have shifted quite a lot. Whilst I value all that I was apart of, I have found that that is not the end, or perhaps better said, my place of rest. It was a wonderful part of my adventure and I continue to treasure it. I used to believe that there was only one way to God, through Jesus, through the Christian faith. Though I do still see that Jesus leads us to God, I think there is more. Perhaps it’s just me. But I see God everywhere. I am on the pursuit of understanding and I have less and less answers as I continue onwards. How bizarre! That is mystery, I think. It keeps on showing up, boo!

For me, I can’t escape God. Not that I would want to. And, for me, God consists of everything, of Jesus, the Spirit, myself, yourself, creation… I look at eastern, perhaps Hindu or Buddhist, practices and I see God. The mountains, the lakes, the climbing plant in my garden, the earth itself that I sit on, there is God. God in all of His oneness, union, all together. The transcendent reality. In holy texts, in fiction, in the cosmos, in history, really, everywhere. Out of the box. There is some not so nice stuff as well. But I’ve discovered there’s no need to fear!

Made in the image of God, as I see us as apart of God, divine.

There is a load of stuff I used to think was wrong, and a load I thought was absolutely right. Now, I truly believe we are offered the opportunity to surpass duality. I believe that once we are empowered to think for ourselves, perhaps have dealt with some fears, that we can excel the need to order things into wrong and right. In my understanding, the duality is a limitation which can be outshone. By us, the Divine. We hold the vast secrets and treasures of the universe. The Earth is a beloved gem in the outstretched quilt of the cosmos. And we are the kings and queens of our Earth, is how I see it. If we can rise to that calling, and I think so.

When it comes to Jesus, I think he is spectacular. My understanding transforms a lot, but recently I have seen him as a shepherd in all of this. A king in our awakening to who we are, our essential being. He has led me through everything, and continues to do so as I experience changes in my life. An amazing friend. The Bible talks about him rising from the dead unto ascension into the heavens. He transcended limitations and walked into eternal life – that is something I have been learning about. Yet I don’t think it has to be via the Christian, the Jewish, or the Hindu or any of the other faith routes’ way. It can be, which has been the case for me. However it may not be, depending on the individual themselves, and what they have chosen. I believe we all  have different paths. I needed the Christian expression, and I have learnt that one of the great values of this faith is the vastness of true love I encountered, and in some places I discovered such a direct route to Jesus, and naturally, God. It was like an invitation to me. Woohoo, intimate union. Such blissfulness. Part of the bliss I now experience is the wide open pastures I have been led to, where all/most of my belief systems have blown away in the wind of wild exploits, and my life has become increasingly hidden in my true identity. Whilst there is sheer bliss, there is also shock, and a lot of pain and shaking! But it will be ok.

I am writing all of this as it is important for me to express myself truly. Take or leave any of it. According to what I have learnt about empowered living, we each have an opinion and no-one need be afraid of other people’s. You are powerfully you! What is real to one person may not be to another. What’s important, I think, is allowing free and open expression in love.

Thanks for reading my little spiel. Much love