Nutty idea!

I wrote this a few weeks ago, keeps coming to mind, so I’d like to share!

Today I’ve been learning about nuts. I was so happy to receive an amazing cook book for my birthday. It has some fun recipes in it. One of which is how to make my very own almond milk. I’m not a big fan of dairy, so I quite like the idea of funky alternative milks. Before the almonds are processed with water, the author advises to ‘activate’ them. I thought: what on earth does that mean?! She goes on to explain the procedure. Nuts contain toxins and are difficult for our body to digest, so ‘activating’ them enables them to be much healthier for our body. The process requires them to be soaked in water for half a day, before being toasted in the oven for the other half of the day.

At the end of my day I find myself waiting on Jesus, for food from His heart. He reminded me of these nuts. It seemed quite silly to me, at first, to soak them for so long. I can be quite impatient, and just want to get on with making the actual food! But, it seemed the nuts required at least a whole day before they would be ready. A long time, right?


But here is the key thing: oh how the way of our Jesus can be just the same sometimes?! First, He gives us an idea and a passion, and we want to run straight into it. Sometimes this is the right thing to do; to leave all we have and run for gold. Of course, He’ll show us when to do this. On the other hand, sometimes His wisdom is to wait and be prepared. We ask, but why, what’s the point?

I hope you like my almond story, because I am drawing some creative parallels! Here goes. You see, I am finding there is something so significant which happens during a time of preparation.  It is a time of receiving, a time of soaking in the goodness of Jesus, of feasting on Him, of toasting in His love…of being activated and energised by Holy Spirit: an energy which will never run out. If like me (and the nuts), you find yourself in this season now, it’s a special one. It’s something to be deeply treasured. I am learning to treasure this. I am learning that Jesus is so devoted to me, that He would come, and take me away to a hidden, humble place with Him. It is to a place where I get the privilege of basking in who He is, to let go of myself, and embrace His ways. I think it is a divine impartation, a collision of heaven and earth. A concentrated time where just anything could happen, where mental capacities are exploded, thought patterns realigned and dreams ignited! His fire of love is right at the centre.

Those little almond nuts, bless them, were not moving around as they soaked and baked (I am aware nuts do not normally move). They were doing very little at all. They were simply at rest.  It is a picture of us, I think, as we wait on Him in awe and wonder. It looks silly to the world. What is the point? You can’t see from the outside what is going on. But deep inside the great Artist is at work; loving, giving, serving, remoulding…I had to lay aside my own understanding when I threw those nuts into the water, and then into the oven. I had to follow the instructions and simply trust (well, I didn’t have to, but for the sake of what I am saying…). All we need to do is live in tune with the whisper of our Father. We don’t need to understand what it is He’s saying. We just need to trust. To trust, and to enjoy. He has so much to take us into, to show us and to teach us. May you hear His sweet invitation to go slow and rest with Him as He calls, that it be a very rich time indeed!


Everything that does not proceed from Love is death. That everything would be a product of Love.

It is to cease from doing. There is no ‘doing’ in Love. Only ‘being’. Being unravels itself into life lived out.

Love is the energy. Love is the only life. Love is the dynamic energy of light.

Love can reveal itself. Love can move by its own ability. Love dances in delight.

Becoming love is becoming grafted into Love; being united. It is to be wrapped in Love’s dignity.

Being love is being so intimately aware of Love. It is being, moving, living as Love. It is to be powered by nothing of one’s self. It is to be totally infused with Love alone.

Love does not share the house. It tsunamis it and crashes in. It carries you up into itself.

Its current rushes into the broken foundations, the cracks, and tears all afore esteemed ‘stability’ apart…

Love conquers and rebuilds upon the rock of Love. The rock is hidden, veiled from reason or logic. The rock of Love is the anchor which holds, the only point of stability.

Love glides on high. It is both entirely separate from chaos, and yet, intimately involved; delighting to catch up desperate ones into its embrace.

Love purchases the deserted and grieved remains. Love wins back fragments of dust, that which once were enfolded within its rock. Love restores the home.

Love breathes back life. Love burns as a jealous fire of protection. Love restores the original design.

Love feels and longs. It agonizingly searches for those afar.  Love is outstretched, vulnerable.

Love is God, the divine Trinity.

People & Things I love : Inspiration

Hannah –

A wonderful friend of mine recently unveiled some of her beautiful talent! Ever since I’ve know her she’s been up to some crafts, drawing, making, pondering…! Just so much loveliness pops out of her.

She’s currently taking bespoke artwork/illustration/calligraphy commissions for Christmas. Costs are generally between £15-20, frame included.

Han adventure Han gracious Han our days Han paths

If you’re interested, message me and I can put you in touch.

He whispered, ‘come away with Me’

Just some ramblings from my life…

I am currently living quite a different pace of life. My friend, God, seems to have tucked me away for a time, just Him and I. It is a time of ups and downs, whilst I wrestle with why I am at where I am, and then rediscover again the whole reason for my season. Not having a job, living a little like a nomad, lacking in determined plans for the future, all because God has caused me to live like this. It looks foolish, and hasn’t been easy to explain. It’s caused me to become the most desperate I’ve know myself, the most confused, bewildered, yet simultaneously the most joyful, peaceful, faith filled and alive. I have been caused to surrender my own logic and understanding, in exchange for the mind of Christ. This will be ongoing for the rest of my life! But I experience a concentration of this type in this momentary bliss. I call it bliss, because, although it can be painful to lay aside the many ‘earthly’ doings, the reward I daily experience is knowing my Saviour more intimately. And, in His bountiful grace, I discover that this is His great pleasure too: to enjoy me as I enjoy Him. I am learning what it looks like to fix my gaze on Jesus. I am learning through little daily things and small trials. When I feel like I am lost for a way forward, I fall on my knees again and press into the One who loves me and calls my name. This happens almost daily! It is then that I experience again who He is, who I am, and what we’re doing here. It is low and slow with Jesus, waiting and abiding. When all the distractions of the world disappear and His heart beat becomes the only sound. Oh how I long after that! The more I encounter, the hungrier I become. Quite a mystery! I discover that I cannot move without Him: every day I must find and stay in that sweet, humble place before the King.

Today I had a morning in that desperate place. But then: wonderfully followed by His beautiful presence. I am so grateful. I could barely pick myself up and do a thing! I was enthralled by the beauty of Jesus. With ‘soaking’ worship music on, and my bible before me, I was hanging on every word I came across. Such as….

“Life was made manifest…we have seen it…and proclaim to you the ETERNAL LIFE…which was with the FATHER”

“Writing these things so that your JOY may be COMPLETE”

“Walking in the LIGHT”

1 John 1

That’s about as far as I got. When His presence is thick like that, each word suddenly carries so much depth and yummy-ness that I just want to dwell on each and every one. These are precious gifts from the heart of God, gold dust from Heaven. This is a place from which I can live my life. Everything is easy, everything is fun, everything is done together with my Papa God. Yippee!

I finally got myself out for a walk in the wintery chill. I made some notes as I pondered along with Jesus and thought I could share some of my reflections here.

Wintery thoughts:

It is in the heavenly realm that all things make sense. In the quietness and resting I find my strength. I hear you. In the waiting I hear your whispers. I step back from the world and feel your embrace pulling me in. Closer and closer. I feel your very breath. I see you all around me. In the trees and in the sky. Even though it’s clouded over I see your light. I am stepping into the places of obscurity. Into the mist of your great cloud. We are your habitation on the earth. Your tabernacle. You set us at rest, so Glory can manifest. Here heaven and earth can unite. Heaven in this earthly vessel.


All that’s within me I give to My love. You strip me back to simplicity. A place where it’s just you and I. Where nothing else matters. Total consumption by you. Sucked up into the great heart of my God. Communing, talking, partaking, beholding. I hear you say, ‘enjoy, for the season is nearing its end’. Tarry in this place. Consume up all I can from this divine embrace. I will always be in this embrace, you say. On Earth as it is in heaven.

I love winter. Be fully present in the moment. He is talking…what is He saying? I love winter because you have to look deep to find life. We have to look into hidden places. We long after light. That’s when the true Light can be magnified. When we look deep within ourselves to reveal the glory He is inside of us. His light is in us. We are called out to stand on the hill and be the Light to others. Life has not stopped, light has not reduced. Do not base my life on earthly things. Behold, for life and light is very much alive. And these shine radiantly in the darkness. These have an opportunity to out-dazzle the darkness with terrific rays of hope, life, joy, peace, love. Press in.

The Lord asks me what do I see? What do I see when it all looks forsaken and dead? Do I see what He can do, do I see His potential? Do you live from Earth or do you live from Heaven? You say. “Do you wait indifferently for my loving presence to fall on you, or do you take hold of your identity and chase into Me, with faith that you will be satisfied, that you will be overshadowed by My awesome glory and wonder? By grace I do fall upon you, but I have raised you to be one with Me, to run boldly into My arms. To know Me and to expect the things beyond your wildest dreams. I have created you to be astounded by Me, to be in constant awe. To thirst after the next incredible encounter. Thinking, ‘who knows what will happen?! Who knows what will become of me?!’”

You are causing me to love being amidst darkness. Because that’s where Light manifests.

Happy wanderings below light eclipsed skies : )

Love, Emeline