The Voice Speaks

If I boldly and courageously shared a message with humanity right now, I would say this:

We cannot continue how we have. Our generations judge each other – do we listen?

What about the voices who cry out in the wilderness?

It is time to see that we have been pawned by society, and used as fodder for an outdated and crumbling ethos. We carry this within us. This is why it is hard to face, because we carry this, which is the worst virus of them all….

Corona virus is something… but this is something else. Corona is a wake-up call to the ruins we are making for ourselves, the shores of flooding seas we are building cities on, and the shattering earth we are planting seeds in for future generations…

Mourn. Yes, comfort is far away. To mourn is our solitary comfort.

This is our breakthrough.

It is not the political system which is the problem, nor our jobs, nor our families… No, it is us. The seed of pain and conflict is lodged so stubbornly in our bones. It is time to stop looking outside for the answers. They are not there. And the more we look outside, the more it will crumble. Come home, come home, come home…

Where is home?

Where do we choose to invest?

Why are so many abandoning self-sustaining livelihoods for rat-race driven careers?

We look at other worldly systems and judge them for their poor work ethics or slavery, but our society does this to itself – every single day.

We think: Oh one day we will stop, take care of ourselves and families. But we still carry on.

No. The decision must begin, in some form, today. Now is all we have. Tomorrow is birthed from today.

A good meal isn’t the answer. A massage isn’t either. And neither is a long night’s sleep… No: Making a committed and fearlessly responsible decision is our one solution.

It will cost you, for sure, test you and discipline you. But this is far less the cost of turning a blind eye and choosing an ‘escape’ through the mantra of ‘carry on’…

It is urgent now.

We are at tipping point. Every moment counts. That is why I am writing right now at 1 a.m. in the morning. I want to sleep. But: my heart is undeniably awake.

Sometimes a good response seems at odds with what our natural habitual urges dictate. Don’t be fooled. We are creatures of habit, and this does not always serve our evolution. We must learn to stand in the tension, the conflict, and cry: ‘Let it come!’

Only in the flames of intense pressure is a diamond formed. It would be so easy to opt out. No – this is not the time.

Don’t fool yourself: Self-love is good. But taking a bubbling bath with luxurious oils is not timely when your bathroom walls are caving in and a burglar is encroaching upon your home…

We have to learn to get up when we don’t want to. 

“Awake Oh Sleepers”

Sleep we shall, bathe even, but first: we must make sure we have made a firm, and absolutely resolute commitment – to ourselves, our families, our communities:

One which will steward us securely and sustain-ably into the future,

One which daringly seeks to honour the natural rhythm of our bodies, our planet and our delicate interdependence,

One which provides us with full sovereignty and material security – not dependent on foreign sources,

One where we can stand on our own two feet and know the Earth beneath us.

~ ~ ~

Let what needs to fall, fall away… Step forwards, oh free beloved one. Come with what you have, it is enough. Stand your ground. You are your solution. Your prayer is answered. Now is also the time of Amazing Grace, the grace of yourself.

There is no one else but you. You are waiting for yourself, every day.

Don’t let yourself down. Don’t abandon the most important responsibility you have: to Yourself. Abandon that, and you have abandoned all care for anyone/anything else on this Planet and the Heavens…

Receive this 

The time has come, for you, for us.

Offer yourself the gift of FREEDOM. 

And take it. Don’t forget to take it.

Live this.

OH! Be the living expression of your Soul’s freedom. 

In this moment…


In Greatest Love for All, Amen. 

Art: ‘Cassandra’ by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London); Cassandra in front of the burning city of Troy

Nectar of Essential Existence

We pursue our essential existence, as a gentle buzzing bee, radiating towards the sweetest smell,

And find ourselves careering into realisation of who we are,

There are so many options unfolding, avenues to explore, and tastes to experience,

Are we the bee, or, are we the nectar?

Is the object of our desire, is it ‘us’?

~ Whilst the structures of our past existence shatter, a tender yet radical force summons us to continue ‘bee-ing’ ~

Re-alignment with death permits vision renewed,

Passion for life, surrendered to rebirth,

Our path is illuminated by flames of fire,

Only our victorious warrior spirit may pass through,

Though she burns alive, yet she lives,

Arising upon lofty peaks, her feet steady as a mountain goat,

Where she drinks of golden nectar, in a chalice fashioned by Divine hands

To breathe and move in the delicate inbetween of life and death,

Where stopping and going mingle as one,

When the inside and the outside are found in embrace,

The vessel of honey wine is found in the cavern of mystery,

Released by pleasure alone,

As the fierce forwards motion binds ecstatically to total absolution,

Paradox safely holds and stirs us home.

May we have the grace to glide on the winds of change,

Whilst the hurricane transforms our barren history,

And our warm safety is absolved momentarily,

Perhaps we shall uncover a truer, more beautiful knowing,

That the infinite comfort of our existence is right here,

In the knowledge that we are the prize of great pursuit,

Glowing in starlight, stretching across the vast expanse of the Cosmos,

Woven into the fabric of absolute existence,

And buzzing sweetly from place to place,

In the total freedom of all that IS.

Hallelujah ~ We Are

Christian Shamaness Astrologer

Dear Beloved reader,

Thank You for coming along with me on the journey!

Here I will delve into what I would like to offer you;

As a budding astrologer, I have come to realise how important it is to weave through ALL of me, as an authentic gift in service.

I am and have been a Christian all my life, whether externally or inwardly, it doesn’t matter. This is a nurturing, deep everlasting faith which encircles an ancient union with God, a well I have been drawing upon which exists completely outside of time or space. And this expression has gone through many evolutionary cycles, as has the history of christianity, which itself is merely a vessel for a timeless thread of mystery, tracing far back to Egypt and beyond, along with many other faiths. My heart seeks to expand this, to exude the sacred heart of what pulses through the many, to be not defined by, nor separate from them.

Let us shine light on the hidden crevices of established belief systems, which in themselves are harboring philosophies which do not serve their own purpose. Philosophy means the study of wisdom, because Sophia is wisdom. And, she is the consort of God, before time was, She was. Sophia also resonates with the sacredness of Earth. Holy Sophia is Holy Spirit. To honour the dwelling of God’s essence, who is within us, is to know the Earth as a living beautiful being. Mother Earth is sensuality, sexuality, fertility… Life and Death.

This brings me to the gorgeous: Shamaness. Oh I love this term! I first really came across an understanding of ‘shaman’ when I discovered how significant this role is for me, whilst studying my birth chart. As my perspective expanded, I began to gaze in wonder how the practice of shamanism is actually and simply the transformation from one state to another, from life to death, death to life, and so on. It is a communion with Spirit, and a going into the void, the unknown, the in-between, with and on behalf of others. This is like the role of intercessor, a term used in the christian circles I know, someone who stands in the gap for others. I have always found myself in such roles, hidden away doing this work on behalf of self, ancestors, friends and family, world issues, and so on. The word Shamaness, though, I love as it conveys the nature-based, tribal essence of shamanism, and encapsulates the ‘ess’ of, I am a ‘she’! And that is very important, I feel, in reinstating women equally with men in the world we have inherited. But really, I just love the sound of it.

Christ Jesus, I believe, was a beautiful shaman: a sacred holy man who walked the narrow path for others to follow, communed with the nature spirits and the heavens, and journeyed for souls, that they may also make the journey to liberation. There are countless holy people who walk this way.

I am uniting Christian and Shaman quite deliberately, as I feel the divide between Mother Earth based faiths and established church systems has gone on long enough. These are one and the same in my eyes; light-filled expressions of knowing God(ess) and unique choices in how to worship and honour the Divine, filled with people, just like us, who naturally create varying, artistic versions. All the faiths and expressions in the entire Cosmos could not entirely reflect the myriad intricacies of the Heart of Divine!

Here is a small little glint of this essence.

In ancient Astrology, there existed a rich library of Alexandria, where all faiths studied philosophies, scriptures and the stars. The expertise and observation of the Universe was central to the kingdoms, and played an essential role for spiritual and ‘none-spiritual’ folk alike. It was natural and common sense. This spread from Greece to Asia, and to Europe. It wasn’t until the Roman church that, along with the witch burnings and many acts of control to tame the masses in favour of the empire, that astrology was deemed a heresy. Along with gender equality, herbalism and natural health, sovereign beliefs… all these were crimes and even worse, labelled as ‘sin’ by the holy fathers, which then came passed down in scripture, and through the church, with remnants still holding strong today. Still today, in many christian communities, women are disallowed from speaking as teachers alongside men. God forbid that she also be interested in astrology, or ideas outside of accepted doctrine… it is indeed changing. However, we still have some standing up for ourselves to do!

It has and still does take me some time to establish myself in authentic sovereignty and declare ‘I Am’, without shaking at the thought of what friends or past elders might say/have said. Perhaps this is a lifelong experience, as we continually stand up to shake off the old, and extend our bright and glorious angelic wings. I keep coming back to just how loved I am, by God, and that I am always guided in absolute certainty, even if my mind at first flinches back and questions something according to what I used to believe or that was scandalous. In this messy ‘working out’ I have discovered many awkward, shadowy avenues, and come to realise that even in the most giant ‘mistakes’ I am so deeply held and supported.

This is how I came by Astrology: at first I reeled back, in memory of dodgy horoscopes from magazines, but then after deciding to simply try and taste the fruits, I discovered this is good. I let my questions flurry up and settle down, to later come together with answers in their own way. In this way I have been able to dance this path of new and ancient knowing, and as I continue to study and enlarge my breadth of experience, now offer this to others.

And SO, it is with great JOY I invite you to receive of this Christian Shamaness Astrologer that I am.

Be in touch with me here, by email or Facebook. Provide me with your Birth details: time (to the minute), date, and location. Let us journey together into your Soul and why you chose to be here right now, to investigate your true essence and callings. Astrology is not fortune telling, it is not above your own sovereignty, and it is always a conversation between us. You are in the driving seat, and, even if something crops up in your chart, you have the divine right to change it and choose for yourself! There is no belittling here! Allow it to be a dipping of your toe in the water, a taste for yourself and see, and you can make up your own independent mind, in every moment.

I would like to offer this by donation, or an exchange of something you create or offer. I courageously trust Holy Spirit to provide for me, and to direct each and every offering I give.

With Warmest Love,


Wilderness Consumes Me Inside & Out


I am someone who dwells deep in my feeling. There are so many emotions which run deeply beneath the surface. Yesterday I woke up and read a chapter of Glennan Doyle’s book ‘Untamed’. It so happened to be about the ‘ache’. What can we do to allow ourselves to truly feel?

Often we cast this aside in favour of small distractions. Then we add another distraction. And one more. And life can become an array of tasty distractions, all lined up like sitting ducks. I would like to rush a tidal wave all across this line of neatly planned, aligned ideals of perfection, safety and security. We talk about emerging as divinely sovereign, free women and men, separate from constructs of restriction and so on. And yet we continually perpetuate these in our own lives. We are often constantly recreating the prisons we think we have escaped from.

When I left my full-time job in charitable care, I assumed that my daily rhythm of new forms of work would suddenly blossom as freely governed and easy. Quite the opposite, much to my initial denial. This is an experience of how the structures we create out there, are truly mirrored to what is within. I might assert that I am a liberated soul, who yields her life to freedom’s essence. But, but, but, I hasten to add that each day I wake up, and somehow manage to roll out of bed despite all my fears and doubts which surface so suddenly upon waking, I know that I am right there, right in the very epicenter of those things I projected outside of me. All the fears which manifested as finding security in someone else’s governance, giving myself at the feet of others’ agendas, bowing to a ruler-ship, no matter what it might be, so that I might feel provided for, ‘safe’, and…without need to emerge strongly, courageously and brilliantly as my authentic self.

All these preoccupations with fulfilling a society’s idea, which I traded into, of who I should be, what I should do, so that I might do these things foremost… before I might bravely tread the labyrinth inside… To travel down and deep, to emerge in the pools of the hidden soul, of constant presence and indescribable compassion, and, to question: So, what is it I am here to be, who AM I? And then, to pause, to wait silently, opening and listening with all of my senses ~

How difficult that can be! Oh it’s so easy to suggest prayer & meditation, but to align with this will and to just be in it, what a tyranny it can feel like. With thoughts blasting past each side of your head like comets, limbs shaking with nervous tension to move, a sudden desire to go for a jog, or perhaps put on that tune which can elude you from what you’re experiencing in raw, untouched, primal form.

What is it that stirs us from our wilderness, or: our pure wildness? Much like our fear of the natural world, finding ourselves alone in an outstretched forest, the wide-open sea, or the caverns of a mysterious and dark cave. Something has cut us off from our home. Our dwelling place within ourselves, mirrored in our nesting place of nature. We used to make our communities around fire, forest-made homes, herbs and flowers, with the music of a rushing, bubbling stream in the background, and the breeze brushing our skin day by day. When I went on an initiation a little while back, I was asked to find a tree and to sleep in or under it all through the night. Alone, without anything but my layers and a blanket. I was terrified at first. What would I find in the dark, would the sound of rustling in the bushes scare my out of my skin, and would I tumble from branches and be left totally helpless and alone, strewn across the ground?

Much to my surprise I loved it so much, that I often reflect and pray that I am led to do this again soon, with a hint of fear and dread accompanied in my heart! I found myself tuning into what felt right to me; whether a branch or leaf bed, lying down or sitting. I allowed myself to experiment, without judgement. And, in time, I found a few select positions which gave me the comfort I needed. I began to feel the embrace offered to me by the tree, the earth and her inhabitants. I allowed myself to drop just a little bit more, to sit in my place, in circle. I found the natural within me, and allowed this to fully sweep through the halls of my human body. Then, I stargazed. I tracked the movement of the moon, and actually found it to be rather quick… Time passed like a wave of cosmic milk, pouring, pouring, down into my thirsty soul. That, in the nutshell of a fleeting experience, is what it looks like for me to dip my toe in the natural. And in this case: coming from the outside, to the inside.

It is now a few days later that I pick up this writing again. As I reflect on what I wrote, I feel an all encompassing warmth towards myself. I am so thankful for the depth of being which exists within my human being, which unreservedly, reliably, lovingly calls to me. This is the ever constant rhythm of a heartbeat, a softer murmur of gentle, pounding presence. I am here, I am always here for you, I await you. Much like our interaction with Earthly elements, we might become overly preoccupied with actions which create greater harm than good, but yet the beat of the earth still beckons and lavishly welcomes us home. There is indeed a hidden, ready, unending ache of communion which burns intensely within us, and within the heart of Mother Earth. For these are one and the same: there is no separation.

The healing we long for, I believe, awaits for us within our very depths, and mirrored to us in our daily actions upon our shared land and community. This is the depth psychology, the unwavering commitment to journey into each and every horror we might possess, until one by one, these parts of us are consumed in a fiery passion of loving union. The crisis we observe outside of us, is ourselves: only found beneath the surface. We are afraid, but the dark night has provided a tender branch, a soft bed of leaves, and the light of the stars and planets… we truly have everything we need. We have just become unaccustomed to our power, to our natural presence, and to our utter and total security in this now moment, upon this very ground our feet nestle upon. The exhale swiftly comes… And we breathe anew together.




Death Invitation

I am feeling how present death is.

Wow, the call to surrender…


I am standing before the cross which Christ so magnificently portrayed,

Arms wide open. There is no end to the fullness…

I see the pouring well,

I also see Mary with a jar of oil, pouring at his feet, caressing his whole body.

When we go down to Hades, we go prepared.

The nourishment of the oil speaks of anointing.

Anointing is the natural support and comfort for Who we Are.

The essences of the oils help bring alive our very essence also…

Together with the nature of oils it is as if we dance,

A weaving of harmonies, calling us, beckoning us beyond and beyond again…

‘Will you come with me? Will you go there too? Are you willing to accept?’

These are the questions we have already romanced with,

Already pondered, mulled, and reflected upon…

And, we said: YES.

We took the invitation to melt into the earth below,

To give way our frail structures of existence,

To let out our deepest exhale.

Not to die physically,

But something much much more than this…

There is a hidden mystery which lies just beyond the horizon,

A little beyond the cusp of the hill’s crest,

Beyond the crashing wave…

This is a doorway, perhaps trapped door, in the floor

Beneath right beneath our bare feet

The spiraling staircase meanders the caverns of all souls…

You are transported back to such innate senses of yourself,

The smell is potent, sometimes nauseating, sometimes delicious,

You feel damp, moist, yet warm and dry,

And you taste, something bitter as rotten bread, and also, like honey…

You cannot make sense of these dual sensations, but all you can do is receive,

Openly, vulnerably, tenderly…

With some careful, slow, humble steps, you begin to arrive at an epicentre,

A zenith of core feelings, intensity, deep, profound gnosis.

This is where you see the very image of yourself,

Starring incessantly back at you, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, hand within hand…

You realise you are in an embrace,

At this split second you feel your soul enraptured in a sort of wind,

A wind which quickly develops into a thundering hurricane around you,

You are wrapped in relentless whirlwinds,

Calling, carrying and transporting you, all of you, into an ever closer state.

The DNA within the strands of winds, they are yours,

Written in the books of life, imprinted for you to find in the tomb of tombs…

You remark upon ancient symbols painted all over your skin,

Glowing alight, radiant with golden streaks, beating to the rhythm of your heart.

You peer at what you thought never existed.

You feel the encasement of your strong, beautiful body…

Fully present, yet completely ethereal and other…

Here you are transformed, within one moment.

The death peel has chimed,

And You Are In Bliss.

You knew nothing of death.

You did not know that en-robed by the pitch black of fear, was: love,

You did not know that by not knowing, one begins to know one’s Soul

You did not know that Soul is more than sole…

Death is something else and more than you thought,

And yet, you know so much less.

Thoughts cannot fathom, though you try…

Somehow your mind is not running as it did before,

And your heartbeat is soft and calm.

You feel the pulse of creation within your very essence,

Coursing through and through you,

As if you were the rivers of life itself.

Your channels are pouring across the Earth’s plains,

Joining, linking, swelling with so many others…

Sacred waters, pure tears of surrender, mourning…

Held, cupped and embraced by the wells of Mother’s earth.

Whole lands, civilizations, species of all living creature come to drink at this Oasis…

This communal, shared, whole source.

Moment by moment you recognise shoots of green are appearing upon barren wasteland,

Once ruined by war, famine and disaster,

Drenched by oils of profit, nuclear waste, and toxic poison,

Now utterly and completely enveloped by rushing, cool waters of delight…

The squeals of joy, oh the ache of longing, waiting….


The cries of abandon, unmet justice, broken voices…


The tragedy of rape, murder, annihilation…

Fiercely witnessed.

At is at this point,

When life meets death, and death meets life,

Within the very caverns of yourself,

In this wild and ecstatic union of what seemed unfathomable,

Beyond any possible imagination, thought or dream…

That you realise one significant and eternal truth,

A truth that will shatter and rebuild all of humanity’s imprint…

That life is not without death,

And death is indeed the very kiss of life…

The exquisite marriage bed of the two.

Death is the invitation to Life,

And Life is the invitation to the same.

Forever and ever,

Royally en-robed as One,

World without end.

Blessed Be.

Love, Fear and Revolution

Flowers similar to those I saw today; pure and unrefined, smelling exquisitely.

Today we have a bold moment where Venus conjoins Uranus. There is an absolute commitment to going the way to Revolution for ourselves and our Security on and with Mother Earth. Venus and Uranus call us to rise in true Love for ourselves and one another, through material security’s abundance. Which means: food, clothing, sensuality, emotional, practical, physical, home, land etc…

Taurus is an Earth sign of feminine embodiment in long-term, ongoing, reliable and stable grounded-ness. This may rise questions of how can I fulfill this? It may also raise fears if we feel lacking in this area. We actually don’t need to believe these fears, but look them in the eyes and see them for our desire. Yes: we desire to have true and trusted security, sovereign and noble. How can we do this? Taurus is Earth element, which connects mutually (‘trines’) to Capricorn and Virgo, the two other Earth zodiacs. The sacred devotion to life on Earth is supported by fiery Mars, and powerful Athena (Pallas) currently positioned in Capricorn… there is no holding back. Suddenly we are armored for battle to take a stand, and masculine force is fiercely cold-hearted about how to do this.

We may want to lean into Venusian femininity to balance this powerhouse. This intensity of masculine force for change will increase as Mars approaches Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, so the more we can walk the narrow way of balance, between action and surrendered trust, the more centered and empowered we will feel to actually be this change we are longing for.

There is a sense of urgency and panic, particularly as asteroid Wuhan (epicentre of Corona virus) conjoins Pluto and Saturn. Do we buy all of the rice in the supermarket, wear a mask, wash our hands 1 million times a day? But this fear mongering is not how we move forwards. Though, it does jolt us awake and get us thinking! Hmmm… ‘so how can I look after myself if I needed to live off the land and local community?’ This is really great thinking, and all the earthing elements truly support us to dig deep into this desire.

Taurus is about the small every day choices and our reliability to follow through. So, in truth, these desires for security that we have, can only be achieved in disciplined daily steps, not in frantic over the top spending sprees. Which actually only lend us further into the system of money and institutional dependency…

Meanwhile, our Moon is moving through Virgo, our third Earth sign. She is grounding us in how we might figure out these details for our manifest provision. The perfectionism and particularity of what we need. Not what we don’t need.

The FULL Moon is the Virgo and Neptune polarity. So, the Sun is in Pisces, and will have just moved on from nestling with Neptune. The scales are falling from our eyes: we have the choice to choose to live in our own illusions about the future, and what constitutes responsible action towards holistic well-being, or to soberly act in accordance to our Soul’s guidance. Either we continue to choose ‘escape’ through diverting our attention away from our fears, or we race wildly into them and allow ourselves to be 100% present with ourselves and our circumstances. This can be harrowing, as we realise perhaps how much actions is required. We can choose to step forwards boldly out of love for all humanity, and knowing that we will be absolutely guided by good timing, plans, and everlasting embrace. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Things don’t always appear to be nice or comforting at first. This is the fierce shepherding of our Mother. A mother who is so committed to her offspring, that she will yank them away from the edge off the cliff when they’re about to wonder off into oblivion. The ‘yank’ is firm and jolting. It might be a 90 degree change of angle, a total upside-down dismantling, or a total revolution. However we experience this, we are returning Home. To ourselves.

It’s time to get the details down, to set our mind, body, emotions to the task of preparing ourselves for change. We know the road map: it is etched into the fabric of our Soul. We no longer need the patriarchs, nor the matriarchs; the idea of someone offering us salvation, or being enthroned within our heart. No, we decide to courageously own our sovereignty. Not without the support of others, of all divine entourage… But this time we shall move together, as one. Equally, beautifully, lovingly. There is no one ruler, but a family of hearts, joining together in Love.

Love is in the details, peace is in the action, beauty is in the every day choice. The choice of commitment to rise up, to unravel our potential to fully present ourselves here on Earth; at one with the land, our interdependency, and our stewardship thereof.

The good news is: no one can save us but ourselves. And we are so much more than just ourselves…

The journey beckons…

The bud unfurls, with the promise of Radiant Love


This morning I wake up knowing that it is time to love myself more.

Not because I am egotistical, but out of genuine surrender to love all living beings.

When we apply self-healing balm of intoxicated passion for ourselves, I believe we are doing this for all.

We have to be in love with who we are, I mean literally: to fall in love.

heart cave ligt

How does one do that?

We have so many narcissistic players on the stage and collective pains of inferiority. How can we make this bold leap, towards something which feels so dreadfully taboo?

Faith, and severe acts of bravery, of ‘silliness’…

How do we know ourselves, the gnosis of pure love… I don’t know.

We simply choose, every day, a simple act, thought, gesture towards ourselves, and give this in the most carefully loving authentic way we know possible.

These small acts of great kindness develop day by day. It is only with small acts of great love that we can change the world, as Mother Teresa said.

And so, the birth of the Most Luxurious Hot Chocolate in the World:


Your self-love, above all… rally as much as you can bear, recite how you love yourself (left hand on heart can help), speak over the making of the drink all your prayers and affirmations, truly endow the birthing process with how you want to birth your fully loved self.

You are making yourself the most luxurious hot chocolate in the world, truly feel that in your bones, feel the delight of receiving such a gift today, that you would do this, just for yourself.

You decide the nutritional ingredients! Make it decadent, full of mood-boosting elements, hydrating and super yummy. What do you hold back on giving yourself? Maybe an expensive powder, a medicinal honey, a creamy milk… Give an extra spoonful of this.

To give you an idea, today I chose:

Homemade milk of pumpkin seeds and a few almonds (made with water, but it would have been pink coconut water if I had it to hand – so good).

About 30-45g of homemade chocolateIMG_2911

Two spoons of Anima Mundi’s Mocha Mushroom mix (my decadent choice which I like to hold back on!)

Spoon of raw honey; & of Lucuma powder

Spoon of Lecithin granules

Half teaspoon of Shatavari

Cinnamon; salt

I warmed up the milk then mixed everything in the blender.


Place yourself somewhere special, warm, cosy, perhaps with some music on… sip and meditate on your pure Love, Abundance, Exquisite Self… Dream and Be.

Sacred earth woman




I see the Light and the Dark, and All is Well

gemini pillars

I am studying astrology, this blesses me with a certain understanding of the seasons. At the moment our Sun is in the zodiac of Gemini. As I travel through the month I like to observe and see any patterns which arise, as I learn about the qualities of what Gemini might radiate through the Sun shining upon us. My perception develops through personal experience, and becomes my own understanding, through my eyes. Presently I have been meditating on the dual aspect of our existence. We have both the light and the dark, black and white, good and bad. As my wonderful astrology teacher likes to put it: it is as if we are playing in a video game. A game where some of us play the role of Mother Teresa, and another the role of Donald Trump. And we can all interplay many roles simultaneously across our lives. Which one is right, which one is wrong?

The problem with pitching evil against holiness is that we end up in a thought pattern that something is inherently wrong with the world and we need to fix it. Whilst I do feel that we have an important empowered role to play, it doesn’t seem supportive to me to believe that something has gone awry. Contrarily, I do radically feel that every action which has harmed me, challenged or knocked me down, has always worked for my greatest good. This would suggest to me: what if the apparent evil in our world, is a mirror to us, asking us to look within and see how we are motivated to act in response. Action not from a place of pain, helplessness or egoistic ambition, but because what we see and feel awakens our inner mission, in purity, service and joy. We realise that the catastrophe we observe resides within us too, and is not isolated, but collective. It doesn’t need to be an us against them campaign any longer, but a laid-down act of love for all. When we cease from judging we open up our gateway to trust. To not just trust ourselves, but to trust the Divine, the Life force at play through all living beings and circumstances. If harmony is the structure of the Universe we live within, then orchestrated patterns are the make-up of our lives too: as the petals spring forth on the radiant sunflower, so is our beautiful existence and interplay. One of our key fears is: am I ok, am I secure? Can I be me? We believe there is something we must do to survive, or to set something right, like an ever-rotating wheel. Nothing feels completely ‘right’. To suggest that it is not already in tune with glorious harmony, on some level, is to set one’s self at odds with the self. If something is wrong, then surely everything else is wrong too! It is much harder to accept that maybe I am okay, that perhaps I can accept myself and the circumstances right now. This is the tipping point, where we realise that the acceptance is spinning through time, and actually carries us out of the current difficulty. When we choose to let go and say ‘yes’, we begin to see that this wasn’t who or what we were in totality anyway, and we open the door to a much larger perspective. When we stop fighting against, we begin to receive our solution. And in this revelatory brilliance, we realise the perfect and ‘collateral beauty’ of each and every predicament. It is simply mind-blowing. We are not here alone, and we have much more support than we could imagine.

It is indeed controversial to suggest this. Often thoughts of sexual abuse, human trafficking and war come to mind. I contemplate this and wonder, ‘and Beloved…even these?’ This comes down to the question: do we choose our path, in the Divine embrace, before we enter our life on Earth? And if so, then that implies we chose to experience the tyranny of pain if at war, or at the hands of the abuser…is there a lesson to learn, a wound to heal which we are acting on, for the love of all creation? Perhaps, and what a deep dive. Paradoxically, the yielding to each scenario, prayers of ‘may it be unto me as is Your will Beloved’, provides our empowerment to understand why this is occurring and how we are motivated to respond. Whilst I was training on the mission field in Mozambique, as I learned from incredible communities from war-torn nations, I was profoundly moved by their heartfelt surrender to the Divine. It is in such places of desperation, that all one can do is to let go, to pray, pray, and pray… I see that the surrender crowns our sovereign identity which encompasses and extends beyond our human existence. We lay down in humble awe of the greater story at play, and in so doing give our truest self the permission to act on our behalf. We choose the narrow path, where we cross over between going left or right, here or there, and simply stop, poised for the Heavens to open as we extend our arms wide. And there it is, in each and every moment: the doorway between each tight situation. This is how I see points of contrast posing as ultimate pillars of access to something greater. The opposition is not a threat, but an invitation in disguise. The two become one. A miraculous child is born.

Likewise is true for our inner self. We do not need to fight between our light and dark selves…which are here within us for a holy union, opening up a lush valley for us to venture through. There is actually no shame. Nor is there a prize for all our good deeds. If we could understand this truly, I think our planet would radically transform in love. In another post I will write more about this inner landscape of dark and light. I feel it is so important. The disclosure and unveiling of shadowy secrets must take place first within us, before we can fully experience peace among us.

Enjoy the season of fluttering thoughts, of bouncing between opposing ideas! All the time knowing that we make our own space between the two, and can plant ourselves firmly in the ground, wherever we are. There doesn’t need to be a right or a wrong way, but a your way – in fearless abandon. We are surrounded by innumerable members of our divine family, cheering us on forever, in wide-eyed awe of our incredible existence.

In love and gratitude ❤


Announcing: Chocolate Bliss!

5592E81B-9E15-4454-B2F3-BA319B11A9E2.jpegDue to popular demand I am going to start making and selling my chocolates!

This is really exciting as I love doing this. I can offer you a supply of healthy, heavenly cacao treats! Scroll to the end for the tasty details!

My inspiration behind the chocolate magic is, of course, a life-time love of chocolate, paired with my interest in well-being and medicinal foods. Cacao is full of so many nutrients!!! And is ultra supportive for our emotions, hormones and physical diet. It is a self-care tool I have taken up, which I make with deep blessings from my heart. The journey started naturally, experimenting with ideas. And continued to evolve with life, as I learnt about low sugar alternatives, ‘super foods’, ceremonial cacao, and my own cyclical nature. I noticed that food doesn’t have to be something difficult in our lives, as it often has been for me. We don’t need to limit ourselves, instead we can choose to transform ourselves from the inside out, so our choices are naturally more balanced with ourselves and our environment. This is of course a long-term journey! Foods are not against us, making us fatter or unhealthier: they are always a reflection of our choices from within. We can take small steps towards brighter futures in many ways, and attending to our diet is one way. Cacao can serve us in this, because when made consciously with supportive ingredients, it is actually VERY good for you, and yummy. It is richer, so you need less too. This is because more cacao powder is used than in regular high street chocolate. My chocolates are at least 20% cacao powder.

I have struggled with craving foods which I knew were bad for me, and discovered that a lot of our beliefs about unhealthy eating are wrong! It’s not a case of cutting out what we love in favour of something we dislike, but getting to the root of what we really crave, beyond the sugary Mars bar. Often it might be more healthy fats we need, or more carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals…everything can be in balance. The chocolate bars and truffles I currently create are made from cacao (raw cocoa) powder, cacao butter, a sweetener (such as coconut sugar, raw sugar cane crystals, agave syrup), lucuma powder, and an addition of ‘super foods’ for specific purposes. All the ingredients I use are organic and mostly raw. I make the chocolates as raw as possible, meaning I don’t cook the mixture. I source the highest quality I can find, often from the renowned Raw Living, which is like a treasure trove of incredible gems, promoting ethical, organic, radiant produce.

Cacao powder is the raw version of cocoa powder. Why is it ideal to use? It is not caffeinated unlike roasted cacao, hence you will not feel a caffeine high. This is far better for me because I often like a little chocolate late at night, and naturally I don’t want to be buzzing before I sleep. Also, the nutrients are retained to a greater capacity in raw options. Cocoa powder has been heated many times, which exhausts it of its beneficial nutrients and oils.

Cacao has the following benefits: one of the highest known sources of dietary magnesium and sulphur, with 10% antioxidant flavonols, cannaboids, phenylethylamine, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and it’s an aphrodisiac! (with credit to Kate Magic’s book: ‘Raw Magic‘ where she details the above properties).

What does this all mean? Basically it is incredible for HEART health, building strong bones, prevention of cancer, and an ultimate BLISS train. Cannaboids, also found in Cannabis, release serotonin in the brain. The other long names I mention also support the brain function and bring about JOY. A small dosage of cacao every day is actually a wonder worker for many of our modern ailments. Cacao comes along to support us.

A lot of chocolate then has high amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats added to it, which don’t enhance the natural properties of the beans. Cacao creation is about ALCHEMY! Which implies the mixing process is essential. It is a delicate art of what, and how much to add, and honestly the same recipe comes out different every time! Somehow the cacao is truly magical, as it has a guidance of its own. A Divine one of Bliss, I like to think.

Sugar, refined especially, in large quantities is obviously not good for us, as many studies demonstrate. In my personal experience I don’t enjoy the sugar highs. Cacao enlivens us, and pair that with a sugar high and it can feel wobbly, or ungrounded, rather than stabilising and enjoyable. I have found that coconut sugar works well, which has a low GI, and doesn’t taste of coconut. Others are good to experiment with, and I am keen to use the raw sugar cane crystals which are high in nutrients too, and do not carry a high GI.

Adding an adaptogen, such as Maca or Ashwaghanda, helps to balance out the cacao experience so the body’s adrenals are well supported. Adaptogens are great stress correctors when taken well, over time.

Lucuma is quoted as ‘Gold of the Incas’ and is a sacred fruit from Peru, used for sweetening with acclaimed benefits to the body.

Here are my selections of cacao creations, tuned to different essences:

  • ‘LOVE’ Cacao original. Simple concoction of cacao, cacao butter, lucuma, coconut or raw sugar crystals, agave syrup, salt, and above all, love. £3.99
  • ‘ROYAL’ Cacao and Etherium Gold. Etherium Gold is a monotomic trace element, which works on an energetic level to help restore balance to the DNA. It has been scientifically found to balance the two hemispheres of the brain; our overactive right brain (doing) and the left (being). It also contains lots of minerals. Spiritually, Etherium Gold supports miraculous manifestation, with aura expansion and protection. Kate Magic shares that when mixed with chocolate the capacity for the gold to bring healing to our cells is particularly powerful. £4.99
  • ‘SUPER POWERS’ Cacao and Maca or Ashwaghanda. Maca is an adaptogen, meaning it supports our ease to adapt to our (changing) environment, with grace and flow, as opposed to stress and pain. It is a hormone balancer, wonderful for women especially. Maca and cacao are said to be a definite aphrodisiac! Ashwaghanda is similar, especially helpful for coping with and moving through stress. £4.99
  • ‘EXPANSION’ Cacao and Reishi. Reishi is a highly used Chinese medicine, used for overall wellness, and amazing at promoting deep security, coupled with spiritual, emotional expansion. We feel grounded, and able to be present. £4.99
  • ‘JOY’ Cacao and Gojis, with Etherium Gold. Grown high in the Himalayas, in mineral-rich soil, these berries are also found to be high in monotomic trace elements. They lift our spirit and bring a super sweet smile to our face! Renowned by Chinese Medicine, they have many nutritional qualities. £4.99

These are what I’m currently making. I am continuing to expand and trial, and I’m happy to create your own custom order!! I am introducing them at this price.

To order with me please email me directly on, and we can arrange payment and delivery. 💜

In your email please share:

  • Your chosen chocolate(s), quantity, and any special preferences based on the above descriptions.
  • Any dietary allergies. I cannot securely say our kitchen is 100% gluten or dairy free.
  • Whether you would like a chocolate bar (approx 65-70g) or the equivalent in truffle size (great for nibbling and sharing).
  • Your address and name, and whether you are sending this as a gift (I can include a special message for you).
  • How you would like to pay: PayPal or bank transfer.

For your first batch of chocolate – postage and packaging are free! (To any nation – I will comply with the regulation for import, generally home-made products can travel more easily from what I have read). 

Hereafter p&p is £1.50 or free if your order is over £20 (within the UK). If you’re living beyond the UK I will adjust the cost to cover this, please let me know your whereabouts in your email. The chocolates travel well in the post, and I would suggest storing them in your fridge once they’ve arrived, to preserve the goodness. You can freeze them too.

It will take me between 3 to 7 days (depending on order size) to get your selection shipped out to you, as I will make these freshly upon your order 🌟




Christianity & Paganism: Unfolding Our Story

This is a piece about my wonderful journey in drawing my Christian background together with what might be termed Pagan or New Age. In my eyes, Pagan represents an ancient Celtic tradition connected to the land, and New Age is the label we have stuck on its re-emergence. I rarely like to use terminology in this sense, as I don’t find it comprehensive enough and can easily trigger preconceptions. However, for the sake of this illustration I think it serves well. And definitely has a certain flavour to it!

What exactly is Pagan or Celtic? I think due to age-old judgements of miss-guided wizards and witches, bizarre ceremonies and a fear of evil, some of us grow up believing that anything pertaining to this old tradition is inherently bad.

Before continuing I think it helpful to point out what a terminology does: it is a label. It is a box. We put things in this container; our immediate reactions, what we like or dislike, facts and fiction…truly our reality is woven together story upon story. What we like to say as fact is not always so, and often relies on an idea, a hypothesis as in scientific experimentation. This is not unlike the creation of a story-line. A hypothesis is what we hope to see, or intend to measure. When we separate science from creative arts and place one in a sterile lab, and the other in a colourful studio, we give rise to the notion that these are worlds apart. We surround scientific studies with the aura of proof, tangibility, and truth. Whilst we consider artistic professionals to be fluffy, in a dream world or unrealistic. What we fail to remember is that whilst our bodies are physical matter, identifiable and precise, our lives are comprised of endless stories, experiences. We are not clear cut, none of us. We simply are not merely a concoction of our cells, but the relationship between them and our environment (see the science of Epigenetics for further research). And a consequence of this are our experiences. And, these memories are imprinted on our unique minds, formed by ancestral DNA, cultural and environmental conditioning, past-experiences… each of our lenses are so individual. Hence, when we approach the apparatus with our straightforward and unbiased hypothesis, we assume the procedure to be separate from personal opinion. We strive for a plethora of foundational truths, upon which we can build our civilisation.  Yet we forget that the way each of us interact with these will vary either slightly or significantly from one another (this is a theory in Quantum Physics; how matter is relational to the observer).

In the past this variety of outcomes has caused us much frustration, particularly in the era of global domination through war. Take the Roman Empire for example, the British Empire (yes), the various localised European onslaughts, and of course Nazism. Such agendas aimed to monopolise foreign landmasses, command alternative cultures, and control freedom of speech and beliefs. Is this because the existence of a living ecosystem of endless ways of life posed a threat? Does the multiplicity and variance about ourselves instil us with fear? I would say it definitely does when the greedy ego is at large. The beasts of our subconscious, in their full form as horrific dictators and world rulers. On another line of thought, the variability limits our capacity to control. And like we can all relate to: what happens when we feel we have too many things to do, and everything seems to be rushing and changing around us? We get stressed. Why? Because we can’t ‘control’ everything. When reality is perceived through stories, as well as data, we allow for an openness towards unpredictability and emotion. We thought our facts and figures were as far as can be from creative imagination, but in doing this we ignored the interplay of our own mind. Reawakening to the thread of narrative reminds us that we cannot entirely control the process of evolution as we might like to. The problem being: we are never entirely separate from it. We are ‘it’.  And so, returning at long last to my original proposition. Let us not try to separate one ‘way’ or definition from another too much. Whilst holding in balance: may we not seek to dominate one ideology over another. There is a beautiful distinction between one aspect and another, but together they are relational and mutually supportive. The organism pertains to equality, not hierarchy. We have been scared of this.

Towards an Ecosystem of Diverse Life… If we hold the above in thought, and consider how our setbacks against one another come from creating distance, clinical assessments, and hierarchical views, then we can begin to disentangle the toxic web of conflict: an age old war of religions and powers. It is natural to consider the ancient practices of Druidic thought, where the Earth is perceived as Mother, and provider of all. We need to re-assess why and how our doctrine of Christianity (and the State) generally seems to have stamped over and tried to erode these unique cultures. In religion it is easy to access peoples’ minds by informing them that a certain practice or belief is evil. Rather than allowing individuals to meander the path of life themselves, there seems to have been a direct line of power through fear tactics. This is more obvious a few hundred years ago, but still present, sometimes subtly, today in underlying beliefs. We can see this in the way we treat our Environment: it is not sacred to us, as our forefathers and -mothers, but something to wield our power over. If one looks towards indigenous tribal communities across the world, there are some incredibly beautiful ways of life which honour the sanctity of the Earth, Water, Wildlife, Sacred Sites, in such a way that deep profound connection can arise between people and earth, and an intimate ecological relationship is forged where the land is truly shepherded by a loving friend. This, for me, is the central truth of Paganism, of Celtic or Druid cultures, similar to Shamanism in other nations, and honoured by the umbrella ‘New Age’ term, and Environmentalist movements…

But, essentially, it is not truly about the name we give to a practice or culture, though that is important. Or perhaps more poignantly: the aim is not to become a herald for a ‘one way only’ ideology, but to mature and perceive the interconnected pattern of life, the diversity of our biological state and community we find ourselves in.

Christianity is founded from these ancient traditions, it is not as black and white as we have been told. The central message of Jesus blossoms, but there are other voices with influential echoes, those of powerful people after money, seats of privilege…who no doubt had a seat at a committee such as the Nicene Council. This is to suggest that maybe not everything provided in the Bible is as pure as we thought…though still can be profoundly supportive and Divine. Yet, like everything in our world, especially politics where Christianity was heavily involved, we know that we should assess and evaluate for ourselves, and not be led blindly as sheep…ironically. The Divine in us speaks, and we all hold this spark. It is not just in the Bible, or Christianity, where God left his, or her patterns for Life. Nor is it just through Celtic, New Age culture, Jewish, or any other. But it is through All and in All. Why, how? Because of our inherent connection to the Earth, the Cosmos, the connection to God is quite simple really. We simply Be, we purely Act. We find our identity and community in the shared livelihoods among our families and societies – rooted in the earth, which (in the West) ancient traditions honoured more than we do today, we find our harmony with one another, because nature and living creatures teach us this. We reflect on the cycles of life and death, and we return to our human innocence. This is natural, real, and the container for all our adventures in life. If we can re-create this tender and strong foundation, then perhaps we can enjoy harmonious dialogue between diverse ideas, as opposed to conflict, and finally heal the wound created on our land when power conquests sought to pillage and destroy indigenous cultures rooted here, the British Isles. This, I believe, is at the heart of our society and politics today, an era of hierarchical capitalism, where the commoners (us) cry out for common sense, for equality and wholesome communities.

We all have the power within us: we hold our history, our life’s story and our future’s foretelling. We can read this for ourselves, and write the verses we long to sing…

My story this far illuminates a pattern of evolution, a strand of Divine interweaving. We all have this within us, we are the characters in each other’s tales. We journey and weave our narrative together, here on this beautiful planet, in chorus with the great Multiverse. And so it is.

With great Love, Emeline

Bluebell Tree
A gorgeous tree beginning to bloom, with budding bluebells encircling – Spring 2019